3 Sheets | The Hillarys


3 Sheets is a fairly new restaurant nestled in amongst the array of cafes and restaurants also there.

Last Friday night to us on an unplanned trip to the Hillarys and after a short walk along the boardwalk, we decided to go to 3 Sheets .

We were greeted at the door, led to a table for two and told our waiter would be along shortly. The indoor area is huge with a mix of small and large tables.
At 8.30pm, there were quite a few children still running around so it clearly appeals to families as well as small tables like ourselves.

Back to the matter at hand, the food! There were a few things on the menu that caught my eye, the Smoked Salmon Pizza ($22), Slow Roast Hot Beef Open Sandwich ($20) and the 3Sheets Chicken Burger ($22). I based my final decision on a dish I saw go by with fries on it and went for the Chicken Burger.
Mr. T was having a ‘one of everything’ kinda of night. He was deciding between the BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($28) and the 3Sheets BBQ Beef Burger ($22)…Something BBQ was definitely on the menu. He went with the Short Ribs!
I was keen to also try out the Lamb Meatballs ($12) and Mr. T wanted Marinated Olives ($7.50).


We didn’t have to wait long for the food to start arriving. First came the olives, I’m personally not a fan so I didn’t try them but Mr. T wasn’t long polishing them off and said they were nice!


As Mr. T sat eating his olives, the Lamb Meatballs arrived. They looked tasty but really lacked flavour. The saving grace to the dish was the spicy hirassa and tzatziki which there wasn’t enough of to redeem the dish. The size was quite generous but the overall dish was lacking in brilliance unfortunately.


Next up was main course. As you can see, the ribs were quite the feast!
I managed to steal a small rib and it was heavenly, the BBQ sauce that smothered the ribs kept the meat soft, juicy and falling of the bone. I have to admit, I was a little jealous that I hadn’t ordered it for myself. I also stole a few fries and they were delicious, I couldn’t wait for my own to arrive as Mr. T was not keen to share as I waited.


It wasn’t long until my Chicken Burger arrived and after nibbling on Mr. T’s fries, I couldn’t wait to tuck into my own. There is something about fries with the skins still on…yum!

The burger itself was pretty tasty, the chicken was tender and juicy and a little spicy. I’ve never had a dish with sriracha sauce (I don’t think) and I really liked it as an addition to the burger so it’s something I will look out for in the future. A sesame seed bun is my favourite type of bun, it was fresh and I was happy that it was the bun of choice. There were a lot of textures to this dish, softness of the roast capsicum, crunchy pine nuts and freshness of the spinach all combined to make a scrumptious burger!


The Hillarys is a great area to walk around and explore. There is everything from sushi to a great steak at Hippo Creek African Grill

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thanks for reading! ♡

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