Recipe: Kuruma Masala Curry

I received a beautiful package of goodies by Latasha’s Kitchen.
I decided to take some inspiration from the jar of Kuruma Masala Paste.

I obviously needed a few more ingredients to make a dish so here they are:


1 Green capsicum
2 Small onions
1 Tbspn of garlic
1 Cup of coconut milk
2 Spring onions
2 Cups of brown rice
Salt & pepper to season
2 Chicken fillets
1/2 jar of Latasha’s Kitchen Kuruma Masala Paste

– Chop all fresh ingredients
– Wash and dice the chicken fillets
– Heat oil in a wok
-Add the freshly chopped ingredients and the diced chicken until lightly browned
– Add 1/2 jar of Kuruma Masala paste and simmer for 1minute
– Add 1 cup of coconut milk and combine
-Cover and simmer for 15minutes
-Season to taste



I have to say that this was a delicious dish. The Kuruma Masala Paste brought a beautiful aroma as well as flavour to the dish.

It was quick and easy to prepare and I really enjoyed cooking it.

“There are so many ingredients and many are unfamiliar to Australians.”

To find out more about Latasha’s Kitchen, click here!

Thanks for reading! ♡

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