Globe Coffee House | South Perth

This breakfast catch up was with a few more girls than Ms. D and I which was great.
We picked a beautiful morning to go to South Perth.

One of the girls reserved a table as there were six of us for breakfast. We were greeted by a waiter and seated at our reserved table.

On arrival, Globe Coffee House reminded me of the well known chain of cafes, Dome.
We chatted for a while before looking over the menu. We were excited to get together and forgot about breakfast for a few moments.

We ordered at the counter and on return to their terrible we find out that there were only two different dishes ordered between the six of us ladies…great minds think alike! We decided to order the breakfast Brekkie Bruschetta ($17.90) and the Atlantic Salmon & Spinach ($17.90). We also order teas and coffees.


As we caught up on the latest gossip and events, our drinks started to arrive. One of the girls ordered a large cappuccino and it was the largest cappuccino I have ever seen! Unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a picture before the first few sips were taken. I ordered my usual latte and was happy with rich flavours of the coffee.

Shortly after, our food started to arrive. I was not one of the three girls who ordered the Brekkie Bruschetta and everyone was satisfied with their choice. The dish was visually appealing with the contrast of the fresh green avocado and softened tomato and capsicum.
The eggs were beautifully poached and lightly drizzled with a complimentary glaze.
Of the girls who ordered the Brekkie Bruschetta, all plates were clean except for one who was not a fan of capsicum. There was quite a lot of capsicum on the plate but I guess that element is personal choice.
The only criticism was the white bread and those who ordered this dish did not have the option to have a healthier choice.


Those who went for the Atlantic Salmon & Spinach were also happy with their dishes, myself included.

This dish was a little less visually appealing as there were less contrasting colours but the taste made up for it. The salmon was plentiful and fresh. It sat on a bed of wilted spinach and it was topped with two perfectly poached eggs. It is clear to see the Globe Coffee House are masters of egg poaching! The hollandaise sauce was also plentiful and creamy but did not overtake the dish.
I enjoyed this dish but left out most of the white bread as I did not have the option to have a healthier choice.


I would be happy to return to Globe Coffee House and I am tempted by the Brioche French Toast (15.90). The surroundings are nice and the prices are very affordable. Breakfast is served from 7am-1pm so perfect for a late breakfast in South Perth before a trip to Perth Zoo.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ Click to add a blog post for Globe Coffee House Restaurant & Patisserie on Zomato

Thanks for reading! ♡


  1. That bruschetta looks amazing! I think it would be worth a visit just for the bruschetta- although the banana bread sounds good too!

    I know you mentioned you had a reserved table, but was it busy/crowded inside?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was quite busy but as there were 6 of us for breakfast we reserved a table to ensure there was a table big enough for us. It depends on how many there are for breakfast I guess


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