Western Mudd Rush


I got to tick off another item on my 2015 Bucket List..very exciting!

Western Mudd Rush is held in Briggadoon and has been a huge success in W.A as well as across the Eastern states. Unfortunately, Tough Mudder is not happening in W.A this year so Mudd Rush got an immediate ‘YES’.


The hardest part was choosing a name…we went with ‘Run Like The Winded’ …clearly we thought this was very funny!
We registered the team about two weeks before the event and each individual could register under the team name after that.

Those in the photos all work in the health industry so we went with an easy theme..surgical hats! This actually worked pretty well as we could always see each other along the course.


The course was 8km and had 24 obstacles. The weather was a little sticky which was both a positive and a negative.
One of the first obstacles was an ice bath…I cannot swim so putting my head under water is a bit scary for me (yes I’m 28 years old) I knew of I could do that, I should be able to do the rest of the obstacles.
The obstacles challenged us to climb, crawl, run and most importantly, work as a team! We worked together to motivate each other and help each other climb impossible obstacles!
One of the most fun obstacles was the slide, we literally cruised down a steep slide into a deep pool of water,just what we needed to cool down. Sadly, there were not enough water stations along the track.
I really enjoyed the day, especially crossing the finish line to receive our medals. We also had the option to have a shower…thankfully!
There was a sausage sizzle for all participants at the end of the race also…bonus!


I’ve been informed that True Grit happens in November so stay tuned to find out if we take part.

Thanks for reading! ♡

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