The Left Bank | East Fremantle


We were in the Leftbank for the monthly Wine Club and decided to order food while we were there.

We were seated upstairs and had a nice view out the door to the water. The venue is quite large with two levels of indoor and outdoor seating.

Back to the food! There is a vast menu with choices of pizza to seafood to share platters, as well as a specials menu. The special for the evening was ‘Steak & A Pint’ $17, and as I had The Left Bank Steak Sandwich ($24) in mind, I went with the special.

As usual, Ms. D was present and she wanted to opt for something reasonably healthy, she decided on the Fish & Chips ($25) and the grilled fish option. Ms. T went for the same option but opted for the battered version.

Ms. A went for another special, the Goats Cheese Ravioli. It was a lengthy process to order as there was only  one girl behind the bar and she was not in a hurry to serve customers.


First to arrive was Ms. A’s Goats Cheese Ravioli. First impressions were good and the taste was great. I liked the presentation, the plate was not too cluttered with elements and the star of the dish was obvious. I tasted a piece of the ravioli and it was delicious, full of flavour and perfectly cooked. I would order this dish if I returned.


Next to arrive were the Fish & Chips. I think the battered fish looked more visually appealing but Ms. D was thinking more about the healthy option when she ordered her dish. The fishes were well cooked,not too dry and not underdone. The chips were beer battered and I have yet to met someone who doesn’t like beer battered chips.



My steak arrived and I was already hungry, on see this laid in front of me,I knew I wasn’t going to leave a bite behind. The steak was cooked perfectly medium/rare. I enjoyed every single bite of the steak and the pepper sauce was amazing!

I am keen to return to The Left Bank, they also serve a breakfast menu which is definitely down my alley. I am also keen to see the views and relax during the day…summer venue me thinks!

Also in the Fremantle are is Ootong & Lincoln which is a delicious breakfast/lunch spot and Bib & Tucker which is an anytime venue with a beach back drop, is close by.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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