DIY: Backless Bra

Create your own backless bra without spending a cent!
This is probably one of the most inspiring videos to create something from a clothing item you no longer use and as a female, probably have plenty of.

There are so many dresses in my wardrobe that are backless and it is impossible to wear just any bra with them. I’m sure I’m not the only female who faces this problem while looking through a wardrobe at the weekend.

I came across this fantastic YouTube video of how to create your own backless bra from a bra you no longer use. 

Check it out!

All you need is a bra you don’t really wear anymore, sharp scissors, pins and a needle and thread. 

2 thoughts on “DIY: Backless Bra

  1. That is pretty cool, though I can see how movement can get slightly restricted. I had seen some clips of how old bras could be sewn directly onto some dresses so that they’d just have their own padding… of course that won’t work with all dresses, but that might also be an interesting alternative.

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