Review: Slendertoxtea

 ‘Slendertoxtea is 100% herbal, clean detox, organic tea will give you the best, most natural detox your body likely needs, especially if you have never done a detox before!’

Detoxing has become increasing popular over the last few years and I’m one of those people who wonders if it ‘actually works’. I would not describe myself as unhealthy or overweight. However, I am not ridiculously healthy and I go to the gym twice a week. I eat chocolate and I drink lots of tea!

 I was delighted to be gifted a 14-day Slendertoxtea. It was advised to take the morning teabags as close to waking each morning and to take the night tea bags a few hours before bed, every second night.

Slendertoxtea states that results are achieved ‘by helping to breaking down the fatty deposits that adhere to the gastrointestinal tract enabling it to work more efficiently, within a short period of time you may find you have: less bloating, increased metabolism and new detoxed you’.

First Impression:

The tea does not have a nice taste. I have to admit I added some honey to make it  a little sweeter. After a few days it got a little easier to drink. I brewed the tea for about 2.5minutes each time which was long enough as 2-3minutes are advised.

How did I feel after 14 days?

  • I enjoyed the detox! I started the detox on a Saturday as it is advised to start on a day off which was probably a good idea.
  • I didn’t feel as bloated so I looked a little more toned especially around my stomach.
  • I lost 3kgs.
  • My metabolism definitely increased. I went to the gym twice a week as I always try to do. I stuck to a healthy diet but didn’t go over the top by changing my regular diet. I still had a night out and my chocolate treats!
  • My colon was definitely cleansed but I won’t go into too much detail as to how I saw the results of this.
  • My skin looks great, overall, I feel really good!   

Would I do the detox again?

Yes I would do the detox again, I think summer would be a fantastic time to do the detox while you are thinking about your bikini body.

It made me feel a lot healthier and better about myself and this would never be a negative.

Where can Slendertoxtea be purchased?

You can purchase directly from the Slendertoxtea website by clicking here. The package comes from the UK but can be purchased in dollars. The 14-day detox I did will cost you $30.89 but there are a few more options on the website.

The website also provides an eating plan and some fitness workouts and tips. The good thing about the workouts is that they are videos which I find easier to follow over a list of exercises.


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