The Buttery | Joondalup

 Joondalup is a bit of an undiscovered foodie suburb for me so Ms. D and I decided to explore before a mini shopping spree at Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Luckily, we had a friend of Ms. D’s with us who knew the area and suggested The Buttery. 

When we arrived the cafe was busy and as it was a windy morning, our quest began to find a table indoors. As we arrived we were asked how many of us there were and were guided to a table immediately. I picked up three menus and passed the display fridge beside the busy counter.


We took our seats and began to mull over the menu. My decision was between the Salmon Benedict ($18.50) and Huevos Rancheros ($18.90) but the hash brown on the Salmon Benedict clinched it!

Ms. D was hungry and had her sights set on the Bushman’s Breakfast ($18.90) … While Mr. P choose the same dish as me.Ms. D and I ordered an English Breakfast Tea each and Mr. P decided on an Orange Juice.

While we were ordering, there was a couple and a young boy at the till and the young boy, maybe 4 years old, kept jumping in front of the till, saying hello to the guy taking their order. I found it so rude that the guy couldn’t take a few seconds to smile at the young boy or say hello back to him. I am a huge critic of customer service and I was disappointed to see this.


 Not only is The Buttery a cafe, it also sells homeware pieces, pieces you can mix and match, it was interesting to browse through.

We didn’t wait long for our food. Ms. D’s food was first to the table. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, homely. The dish looked like something your Nana would rustle up to fill you up for the day. Ms. D decided on poached eggs for her dish and they were perfectly oozy. There was a hash brown on the dish also and it was delicious! There were generous serves of everything on this dish and Ms. D was barely able to finish it.


Next to arrive were the Salmon Benedict’s. Another delicious dish. This one looked a little more like a typical Eggs Benedict found elsewhere but oh my, it was perfect! The potato rosti was fabulous, rather than mashed potato, it was shredded potato and I loved the hint seasoning as it didn’t change the flavour of the rosti too much. The rosti was definitely the hero of the dish for me…as if you couldn’t tell! My eggs were also perfectly cooked and the salmon was fresh and plentiful.


It’s safe to say that we were full leaving The Buttery and I would definitely recommend it if you are brunching or lunching in Joondalup. my rating would have been four, but I took into account the customer service towards the family at the till as we were waiting to order.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

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