TPFF | En Ex 100 & Forrest Chase

  Perth hosts a busy week of fashion events for the Telstra Perth Fashion Show. 

Ms. D and I extended our usual Saturday breakfast date and went to both the 12pm En Ex 100 Show and the 2pm Forrest Chase Runway Show. 

We were lucky enough to get great seats even though it was quite a last minute decision to go to the first show. Unfortunately, I didn’t look as professional as some in the front row, I was missing a big camera so the quality of my images is not amazing!

Here are a few favourites from the two shows:


This is jumpsuit I could see myself wearing, how amazing is this!


This was the outfit I went to find after the show. I will be travelling to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup at the end of October and thought this would be perfect. When I got to the store and looked at the dress, it was a little too heavy for a hot day wearing a dress. I still love it!
  I loved this outfit! My favourite part were the shoes, they would be perfect for summer which is just around the corner.

Jack London

  I liked what Jack London presented, the yellow blazer was a ‘little out there’ but I like the other two suits. They were well tailored and I loved the choice of colours.

We decided to stick around the city for the second show at 2pm. This show presented the fashion from Forrest Chase.

I really enjoyed this show, there was a little more menswear on display at the 2pm show. Here are my picks from the catwalk.


These were my favourite men’s runway pieces. I always think about whether I could see someone I know wearing a men’s garment when I see it and I definitely like all these pieces.

I liked the two pieces using this pattern. I feel like it could been worn as office wear or a smart/casual night out.

I loved this casual outfit and the neutral tones used to create it.

I wasn’t a huge fan of these pieces together but I could think of pieces in my wardrobe that I would wear them with. Together, they have no shape and are very unflattering but matched with something else, I’d have a place for them in my wardrobe.


  1. Love the guy outfits, and the gal;s outfit with the hat! I just attended a big fashion event here in Seattle, and its on my blog today as well. I had the same prob…not to many quality images from my iPhone, my new camera is on the way! Luckily, the event shared the prof photos taken for blogs to use. Thanks for sharing!

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