Fashion: Swimwear Finds 2015

The unfortunate thing about shopping for someone else is that you are always end up picking up a few things for yourself.

I found myself rummaging through the bikini rack in Cotton On instead of looking for men’s shorts and T-shirts. They have a fantastic sale on at the moment where you can purchase matching bikinis or have some fun with pairing up some mix and match is yourself.

There was a lot to choose from but here are the things that I found.


What I like about this one is that the top is reversible. The other side is plain white and that goes with almost any bottoms. I’m a fan of draw string bikinis as they can be loosened and tightened to suit for shape.

Top-Cotton On $10 // Bikini Bottoms-Cotton On $5

The bottoms here are extremely comfortable!

Top-New Look (SS14)  // Bikini Bottoms-Cotton On $5 // Wedges-New Look (SS14) // Sunglasses-TopShop (SS14) 

This is my favourite top from all of my buys. I’ve been looking for a top of this style for awhile but didn’t want to pay through the roof for it.

Top-Cotton On $10 // Bikini Bottoms-New Look (SS14) 

 I also fell in love with this top. I loved the detail on the back of the bikini, which is why I took a sneaky snap of myself while trying it on.

Top-Cotton On $10 // Bikini Bottoms-Cotton On $5 // Sunglasses-Ray Ban

This blog post sums up the bulk of my shopping for the day and I didn’t spend a lot of money to get it all.

Personally, I love to mix and match my bikinis rather than every set having to match. summer is just around the corner so I cannot wait to wear them. You might think I also had a lovely sun holiday planned… I don’t, I just couldn’t pass these pieces by!


  1. I adore the swimsuit collection from Cotton On. I bought a few pieces last year and will be stocking up again this season. They’re great for mixing and matching and the bottoms fit really well, aren’t too skimpy and comfy.

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