The Partisan | East Perth


What a beautiful setting for a Sunday morning breakfast!

Mr. T gets the credit for picking the location here in East Perth. We had planned to go to Toast but the queue was very long and a further 30minutes for the food…I was just too hungry to wait.
We got a table inside and had a look over the menu. A waiter came to our table and asked if we wanted water, we said that would be great at it was a warm morning but I ended up having to get it myself when Mr. T ordered as we were forgotten about.

Back to the food! The menu has fantastic variety, I would assume there would be few people who couldn’t choose something from it.
As we know, Mr. T is a huge bagel fan so he spotted his breakfast within moments, the Pork & Fennel Sausage Pattie on a Sesame Seed Bagel ($22).
The Partisan Brunch Gnocchi ($21) caught my eye but I decided to try the other bagel on the menu, the Poppy Seed Bagel with asparagus, cream cheese, eggs & ham($23.50).
I got my usual Latte and Mr. T ordered a Berry Smoothie.

After ordering, we were able to sit back and take in our surroundings. We noticed how busy the area was but on a morning as beautiful as this,it was easy to see why.

Our food arrived first. We had to ask for our drinks at this point and they came out a few minutes later.Both bagels looked great, Mr. T had the added extra of his corn on the cob.

My food first! First thing I had to do was get rid of all the salad from the dish,its not mentioned in the description anywhere so I wasn’t expecting that. The bagel wasn’t toasted so it didn’t have the warmth and freshness of a morning bagel. Both eggs were very overcooked and I missed a runny yolk as there wasn’t much hollandaise to moisten the dish. The asparagus was grilled but had no seasoning so it wasn’t very exciting either. There was a good portion of ham which was also cold so I wouldn’t rank this dish very highly. It was priced at $23.50 which I definitely think is overpriced for the quality of this average dish. I wouldn’t order it again!

Mr. T also received an untoasted bagel with a thin pattie in the middle. His egg was also overcooked but the bagel was plentiful with swiss cheese and bbq sauce, neither of which was his reason for choosing the dish. The corn on the cob had a splodge of a green pesto/puree on top which added some flavor, it was cooked perfectly. Overall, another unimpressive dish that is completely overpriced for the quality.

As we were leaving, I realised why people were happy to queue for Toast instead of going to The Partisan where there were free tables. Maybe we should get up a little earlier and be a little less hungry.

My Rating: ♥ ♥

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  1. Toast is supposed to be excellent but we gave up due to the queues and went to the Royal instead for brekky with my cousin and her husband a while back. Sounds like you had a disappointing experience at the Partisan 😦

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  2. Shame this wasn’t a more pleasant brekky for you. A non-runny yolk is a cardinal sin as far as I am concerned! Can I suggest Food For Me in Vic Park, if you’ve not tried it? Very yummy 🙂 Good value too. Always busy but if you don’t go too late, you can normally get a table.
    Thank you for following my blog – much appreciated 🙂

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