Fresh One Coffee & The Gym!


I was delighted to receive a great package with my favourite morning beverage…coffee!

We are well on the way to summer here in Australia and so comes the extra gym visits and a vow to eat better. Breakfast is such an important meal everyday and coffee is a huge part of mine.

I tried out Fresh One‘s Daily Grind. It comes in a resealable pouch which is fantastic for making coffee for one. You have the option of ordering beans to grind or those of you who don’t leave too much time for breakfast, you can purchase a ┬ápouch that has already been ground…it couldn’t be any easier!

I used two cups of boiling water with 2 heaped spoons of ground coffee in my plunger. I let the coffee brew before pouring myself a glass.
I really liked the Daily Grind blend, it was rich and strong and perfect for a morning caffeine hit!


I’m a huge lover of eggs, majority of my brekkie dishes have an egg or two on them so when I make my own breakfast, it’s no different. My eggs this morning were accompanied by mexican beans and fresh spinach, sitting on top of a slice of wholegrain toast.
It’s an easy breakfast, packed with protein and quite filling!
I’m making a more conscious effort to go to the gym this year and it’s been going ok so far but since changing job and having a gym across the street… I have no excuses!
I’m hoping with the combination of more gym classes and eating a little healthier, I will feel and look good this summer!

What is your morning routine?

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