The Beaufort Street Merchant | Highgate

The Beaufort Street Merchant pops up on my social media quite regularly.

The establishment was busy on arrival but we were escorted to a table down the back just on time for breakfast.
The back of the restaurant is not very lit so looking at the menu was a little difficult.
I wasn’t my usual hungry self so I was looking for something small on the menu. I remembered seeing lots of pastries at the front counter so I wanted something between a pastry and a big breakfast. I decided on the Free Range Eggs on Toast ($12) with a side of Smoked Salmon ($7.50). This is the most expensive side I’ve ever ordered so I was expecting something big! A was in the same mind frame as myself, she didn’t want a big breakfast so she also ordered the Free Range Eggs on Toast with a side of Avocado  ($4.50). Ms. G went for the Make Your Own Adventure ($26) with the options; beans, avocado and salmon.


Our drinks arrived first, here is my English Breakfast Tea and how it was presented. I like the little milk jug! Very oldskool!


Miss. A was first to receive her breakfast. What is going on with the presentation? No effort at all! There was a small scoop of unseasoned avocado beside two well poached eggs..that’s it!


My breakfast arrived next. My first thoughts went to the presentation. This dish looked as boring in real life as it does in the picture, not appetising at all. Had there even been a little seasoning or sprinkle of herbs or a glaze, it would have looked better than this. Next thing, the extremely small portion of salmon..bear in mind this extra was $7.50! Seriously? The only positive thing I have to say about this dish is that the eggs were perfectly poached…that’s it! The butter novelty doesn’t increase my liking for this dish.


Ms. G had the best presentation of all three dishes and it wasn’t amazing either. It looked like a home cooked breakfast with a small portion of everything thrown together on the plate. There was nothing outstanding about this dish either.


For once, we didn’t discuss how great our breakfast was on the way home, simply because it wasn’t anything special.

I won’t write off The Beaufort Street Merchant yet as I saw a few things on the lunch/dinner menu that I would like to try. It is safe to say I won’t be back for breakfast though.

Also in the area is Caffisimo for breakfast and The Queens for lunch or dinner.

My Rating: ♥♥

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