Tracks | Leederville


Tracks is another place that has been on my ‘Visit List’ of cafes/restaurant here in Perth for quite some time!

First thing, parking is not readily available so be prepared as I was a little late meeting Ms. D for our routine breakfast. The cafe was busy on arrival but we managed to grab a corner table. We had a quick look over the menu but were probably sitting there for nearly ten minutes trying to multitask between reading and chatting!

Anyway, I decided to go crazy and order eggs (not very crazy) but didn’t want it to just be eggs so I chose Roasted pumpkin, danish feta, roast pumpkin,spinach and poached eggs on toast ($17). I didn’t want a huge breakfast but I needed something to kick my hunger so this dish sounded like it would satisfy me.
Ms. D went with another healthy option and ordered the Smashed avocado dish ($17). On a side note, I was rather happy with the pricing, $17 is not something matched with a sizable dish in Perth! As usual, we ordered our usual coffees too, this time, taking advantage of the ‘bowl’ option($5.50). Might I add this option was after ‘mug’, the picture doesn’t display it’s true giantness (I’ve decided to make up my own word here).


Coffees arrived first…of course! The menu stated bowl and that’s exactly what we got. The coffee wasn’t intensely strong which may be affected by the size but as neither of us ordered a smaller coffee, I cannot make an honest comparison.


Ms. D received a visually appealing dish which was fresh in colour and a fairly good presentation. The tomato concasse could be described as a well seasoned and tasty salsa and was delicious. Matched with the tangy smashed avocado and perfectly poached eggs, it created a well balanced dish. The asparagus was a nice addition to the dish but didn’t make or break it. Personally, I love seasoned asparagus on a dish!


My dish…yum!

I am sometimes a little apprehensive about ordering a dish that has roasted pumpkin but after seeing one go by, I thought I would enjoy this. Drum roll…I didn’t enjoy the dish, I loved it! The roasted pumpkin was heavenly! The spinach was plentiful and combined with feta cheese complimented each element. There were also two perfectly poached eggs resting on top, Tracks are great egg poachers. The dish was garnished with the usual green and that was the only thing I left on the plate. This dish was so tasty, I wanted more even though I was full.


Tracks is officially on my ‘Regulars’ list! Leederville is packed with great breakfast spots and this is another one to add to your list if you haven’t already been.

Also in the area are another few favourites,  Sayers and Piccolo’s Corner.

My Rating: ♥ ♥♥♥

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