Duende | Leederville


Duende is a busy little spotty and the very foodie suburb of Leederville.

We arrived at a reasonable hour of the morning and sat inside by the window. I was a fan of the decor and layout inside. I can see myself coming back already just to sit at the bar.

We took a look at the menu and I had no idea what to order! I fancied the Pulled Pork Brioche Bun ($16) and the Eggs Bene ($14). I went with the Eggs Bene and added the Smoked Trout ($6). 

Mr. T went straight for the Doughnut Balls ($16). I was delighted with this choice as I have always wanted a sweet breakfast but I’m not brave enough to give up eggs…yet! We ordered a Latte ($3.80) each also.


Our coffees arrived promptly, love the coffee art! The coffee was also great, always a bonus!


My food arrived first..wahoo! Check out those colours. This dish was as tasty as it looks!

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a potato rosti fan,and it’s not because I’m Irish! So far, I’ve found plenty of dishes with a rosti as a feature but they are always something that makes each one a little different. This particular rosti is the first (I think) one I’ve had made from sweet potato. The touch of thyme and crunchy outer skin made it delectable!

Enough about the rosti! It was covered by slices of fresh salmon and two perfectly poached eggs. The eggs were dressed in a lightly creamy hollandaise which was also delicious and did not overpower any other flavours.

Lastly, that green stuff on the plate. I haven’t really had much experience with kale so I tried it out and haven’t quite made up my mind whether I like it or not yet. Overall, I cannot fault the dish for any reason, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Just take a look at Mr. T’s dish and the beauty that sat infront of him. Mr. T parted with half a doughnut for me. It was the freshest doughnut I have ever tasted! Imagine light and fluffy clouds rolled in sugar, that’s what I tasted!

Mr. T wasn’t keen on the chocolate gnanche so I gladly took it off his hands. I also took a sneaky spoon of the peanut butter and jelly ice-cream, whoever thought of this combination has my praise! Add a little berry could and you have a great dish.

This sweet treat is perfect for the foodie who craves sugar in the morning instead of eggs.


Duende is officially on My Top 10 List (whenever I get around to compiling it). There is absolutely nothing I can fault the establishment for! Thank you for a great breakfast, we will be back!

Across the road from Duende is another favourite of Ms. D and I, we have Sayers for a great breakfast.

Which of the many eateries in Leederville is your favourite?

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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