Skincare: Beautify Your Skin


As summer begins to roll in, I’ve noticed my skin changing. There are so many things that contribute to this and I’ve found that some of those things are weather related and using more sunscreen as we see more of the sun.

I came across a product by Works With Water called Help: Beautify Skin. This product was in a supplement form and claimed to be ‘a tasteful way to a beautiful complexion’ so I wondered what that meant.

Every female wants her skin to look fresh and rejuvenated at all times, I particularly love glowing skin during the summer so that I can keep my make-up to a bare minimum.

I received this package with an additional pocket mirror, I’m guessing this is to keep a watchful eye on my skin!

imageΔ The supplements were individually wrapped apple flavoured jelly treats and came in a box of 14, I got two boxes to cover four weeks.

Δ Help: Beautify Skin  contains the natural skin regenerating nutrients; CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C.

Δ Each sachet is free from artificial colours and flavours and is ‘ideally suited for anyone on a calorie controlled diet’.

 How did it go?

After week 1, I didn’t see huge results…then came week 2 & 3 and I started noticing the results. By week 4, my T-Zone didn’t feel as oily and there were fewer small pimples. My skin was glowing and feeling fresh.

The taste was great, I kept mine in the fridge and took one every morning. You have the option to take 1-2 each day.

By the end of the four weeks, my skin looked and felt great. This is exactly what I was after!

What’s in the shop?

help: clear skin

MEN help: clear skin

help: beautify skin

Shop the product here


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