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Cottesloe is a beautiful suburb for many different reasons. I have eaten in Cottesloe on a few occasions as well as visit the beautiful beaches on the coast. The small village of Cottesloe has many boutique shops and cafe hours and completely suitable for those who love to browse.

I have been to Vans Coffee with Miss D before so it was time to try out somewhere new. I met Ms. A for a Sunday morning catch up…involving coffee of course.

I arrived at Cimbalino first and had a peak at the menu. When Ms. A arrived, decisions had to be made. I was considering the Eggs Benedict ($17) or the Rancheros ($15.50). It has been quite some time since I’ve had Rancheros so I went with that option and a coffee. Ms. A wanted the Salmon & Avocado Bruschetta ($12) without the salmon. On making the order, Ms. A was told that changes cannot be made to the dishes, however, it was suggested she build her own dish by adding Avocado Salsa ($5), Bacon ($4) and Ciabatta ($3.75) together to create her breakfast.


We also ordered a coffee each and didn’t wait long before it arrived. I ordered a Long Black with a dash of milk which came on the side and Ms. A ordered a Latte. The coffee was rather tasty, I’m not sure what coffee was used but I’m a fan, I think we both are!


Our dishes arrived together so I will introduce mine first.

Firstly, I love the presentation. It was an extremely inviting dish with the elements presented on the chopping board. The hotpot was plentiful and had the perfect amount of spice in the tomato sauce and the chorizo. It was clearly baked a the top had a nice little crunch. As with all Rancheros,  there was a baked egg and Cimbalino cooked mine perfectly.

There was a little mound of feta cheese in the middle of the pot decorated with a few pretty leaves.

To accompany the dish, there were two slices of freshly toasted bread and a small portion of butter to use if you wish. The presentation of the dish reminded me a lot of a dish I had at Typika in Claremont.


Ms. A was equally impressed by her dish. Her favourite element of the dish was the Avocado Salsa. She had never had avocado in this week and was literally scraping the salsa out of the little jars it was presented in.

The bread was freshly toasted,like mine, with a similar butter portion accompanying it. The bacon was plentiful and not too crispy, and not greasy at all.

Ms. A wanted a simple and tasty dish and that’s exactly what she got!


We really enjoyed catching up at Cimbalino. The location is great, lots of parking,lots of seating and some good menu choices. We left as two pretty full ladies!

Close by,you also have Good Things located in Mosman Park which is worth a few extra minutes down the highway or John Street Cafe which is also a few minutes away.

My Rating:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thanks for reading! ♡

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