The Standard | Northbridge


It’s been quite some time since going out on a Saturday night for dinner.
I have had The Standard on my famous list for awhile and finally got to go recently.

We had a table booked for four people and were guided to our seats as soon as we asked about our table. A little about the layout of The Standard, there is both indoor and outdoor seating with an upper level outside also. The outdoor part is decorated with fairy lights.

We were seated outdoors on the lower level at a very small table in front of the bar. I did not feel like the table was big enough for 4 people considering we were all eating and had booked the table for this purpose.
Anyway, we ordered a bottle of wine to begin with and beers for the boys.

The menu was filled with diverse options and a small number of main course dishes. I noticed quite a lot of seafood dishes on the menu, and being allergic, I was a little more limited . All dishes were suitable for sharing, which is exactly what we were after.

We ordered the Standard Charcuterie($27), Beef Carpaccio($15), Potato Salad($18), Garlic Clams ($19) and the Caramelised Squid($16).

The Standard Charcuterie was fairly decent, however, I thought it might have been a little bigger considering the cost. There was a good array of meat but only three slices of bread and we were assured by the waitress that the platter would be big enough for four people.


Shortly after, the Beef Carpaccio and Potato Salad arrived together.
The beef was deliciously tender and well seasoned. The wasabi cream was a complimentary addition and plentiful. This was quite a good portion size as we all had a few pieces of beef each.


The Potato Salad was very tasty and possibly my favourite of all the dishes we ordered. It was also a generous portion and packed with so much flavour! There were thin slices of pork draped over the top of the potatoes and seasoned with fresh herbs.


As the next two dishes had seafood, I could not taste them. I did not want to have to be carted out of the place because I had an allergic reaction.

Accordinging to my fellow diners, the amount of squid in the portion was quite small so they were a little disappointed in that.There was nothing that jumped out of the dish flavour wise so it was ok, not great.


The clams were perfectly cooked, much to Mr. T’s delight as this was the dish he was particularly interested in. He was happy to see no empty shells when the dish arrived as this can happen from time to time. The garlic flavour was there but did not overpower the dish.


We had a really nice evening in The Standard and I will definitely return.

I will add that we went to Sneaky Tony’s which is close by and if you have not heard of it, get onto Facebook/Instagram to see what all of the fuss is about.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thanks for reading! ♡


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