FASHION: Festival Season


Festival season is upon us!

This weekend, I plan on feeling like  really young thing again by going to a festival. I’ve had a look through my wardrobe and thought, what do I wear?

Luckily, it is going to be a hot day so shorts and a top seems like the way to go…so I decided to go shopping!

H&M opened recently here in Perth and I have yet to go in and not queue for a purchase. The clothes are of good quality considering the price and I love all of the prints.

H & M- $29.95

H&M- $9.95

H & M- $29.95

H & M Florals- $29.95

H & M Florals- $29.95

H & M Crop- $19.95

Patterned bustier – $19.95

H & M High Waisted- $19.95

As important as the clothing is, the handbag essentials are just as vital. Here are mine:


•Tickets…of course!
•Cash to avoid ATM queues
•Your favourite sunnies
•My Yelp portable charger..I won this one!
Flo refillable fragrance atomizer..this means I don’t need to take my FlowerBomb
•Paw Paw..I plan to sing along all day
•Mints..feeling fresh

Enjoy your festival wherever you are!

Thanks For Reading ♥

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