BEAUTY: Christmas Stocking Fillers


Baylis & Harding

Christmas is quickly approaching and as well as shopping for presents, the stocking fillers are just as important.

I received a beautiful bundle from Baylis & Harding which is exclusively available from Big W. I couldn’t pick my favourite out of these as they are all so different.

First up is the White Skin Spa Lime, Basil & Sage Luxury Gown Set. Firstly, the packaging is beautiful. The robe is super soft and cosy. The smell of these products is simply amazing from the salts to the body lotion.


The Midnight Fig & Pomegranate Festive Feet Gift Set is priced quite low at $10. The socks are very soft and fluffy. I didn’t want to put my feet on the ground in fear that they would loose fluffiness. I soaked my feet in the aromatic salts,the aroma filled the room and I followed this with the foot cream and popped on my socks.
Cost: $10


The last gift box from Baylis & Harding was the Royale Bouquet Ultimate Luxury Gift Set. The packing is great, I love all of the colours used, I am definitely going to reuse the box. Considering all of the beautiful smelling creams and salts in this bundle, this is an absolute bargain. The variety of products in this box is amazing.
Cost: $20


This is a refillable 5ml perfume atomizer from Flo. My perfume of choice is Flowerbomb which comes in quite a large bottle and is not cheap so this was a great gift. You screw off the bottom and spray the perfume into the atomizer and reattach the bottom piece. This makes it easy to pop some perfume into my bag for any occasion without having to take a big bottle.
Cost: $14.95


These two items, both from KMart, make the perfect team for some pampering and relaxing.

The packing is great and really gets you into the Christmas vibe. The Bath Fizzer package is rather large so it fizzed in the tub for quite awhile and I love the packaging! On the topic of packaging, the Turkish Rose Hand Cream is very pretty! The cream smells great and dries into your skin leaving your hands soft and moisturised.
Cost:$6 total


The last thing I want to feature are these beautiful products from Bella & Bear. The first thing I love about them is the beautiful packaging and colour. My favourite part of this set is the Detangling Brush as it suits my hair perfectly. The bristles are strong but gentle on my curly hair.

The eye-lash curlers arrived at a perfect time when I was in need of a new curler. The bright red handle makes them easy to find in my make-up drawer and they are gentle on lashes while still fulfilling their intended purpose.
Cost: The Hair She Goes Facial Hair Remover $18.00; The Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler $13.00; The Brush On You Hair Brush Set $20.00


What Is On Your Christmas Wishlist?

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6 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Christmas Stocking Fillers

  1. Great ideas, want some of these in my own stocking! I love beauty products for smaller (and some bigger) gifts for Christmas because it’s such a good way to find good brands or new products.



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