Sun, Sea & Your Hair


It’s been rather hot here in Perth and all around Australia over the last few weeks. If you are like me, you may have had many beach days over the last few weeks and your hair can really feel the effects.

I had a busy Christmas break with days spent at the beach, snorkelling and paddleboarding to name a few activities. What do all of these activities have in common? They are all outdoors in the blistering heat and the sun!

Sometimes, as a female, I feel a little hard done by when it comes to the weather elements affecting my hair. If the weather is hot-hair stuck to my neck and ends up in ringlets; it rains- wet, heavy hair and any styling is out the window; humid-I look like ‘that version of Monica when they are on holidays’ and her hair stretches out twice the width of your shoulders or Cousin IT…I wish I was exaggerating!

Cousin It...NO!It's Me!

With my hair, I have one thing I don’t have to worry about; colouring it! Luckily, I have been shown how to mix my own hair colour which I touch up throughout the year so I can really be in control of all products going on to my hair. My hair is very thick, long and curly so it takes time to wash, dry and style it.

I’ve started to develop and continue a few handy practices to help keep my hair healthy so keep reading to find out more.

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Protect Your Hair From UV Rays

I was given a fantastic product from a work colleague on leaving my teaching post to come to Australia with the sun and heat in mind. The product is a UV-Protection Spray by Schwarzkopf from the Sun Guardian range. It helps to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.
The product itself is in an average sized bottle and as you can see, it needs to be shaken to mix the two products before use.
It has an easy to use spray top and is held away from the hair and sprayed directly on to your hair. I usually run my fingers through my hair or use a comb to move the product around.
Another bonus is that it smells nice. You don’t have to use much product and I use it every time I was my hair which is about twice a week. This depends on whether I’ve been to the beach of course.
Happy spritzing!

Put The Moisture Back In

Argan Dew sent me a sample of two products which are suitable to use together. I was keen to try out this product as I am seeing more and more argan oil products in the beauty aisles these days.

Argan Oil comes from the Argan nut and is one of the world’s richest and rarest natural oils. It is bursting with beta carotene, fatty acids and Vitamin E and lots of natural ingredients to restore your hair back to good health.

I used the Replenishing Hair Mask after a few days at the beach by washing my hair as normal. I applied the hair mask and left it in for about 5-7minutes. After washing the hair mask out, I towel dried my hair and combed it.

I then applied the Miraculous Argan Oil and blow dried my hair on a medium heat to style as usual.
I have to admit that my hair felt quite sleek and conditioned. It was also quite easy to style. Bear in mind, I only used this product once so cannot comment on how often I have used it but it’s a product I’m keen to use more of.

Peace Out!

Get A Hair Cut & Wear A Hat

My Mum is a hairdresser so she always taught us how to look after our hair and I am so thankful she did. My long, curly, thick and healthy hair is obviously down to my genes, however, by looking after it, I think I’ve done a good job maintaining it.

Getting a regular hair cut is so important to maintain your hair. It also gets rid of dry or split ends and promotes hair growth.

By wearing a hat at the beach or while you are in the sun, you are protecting your scalp and hair from the sun’s harmful rays. This is one of a few styles of hats I now own. This makes perfect sense as the less exposure, the less damage you will experience. This is something I learned as I never used to wear a hat and found that I would experience dry scalp along the front of my hair line.

Get your hair trimmed! Buy a hat!

Practicing my selfie skills!

Use Quality Hair Products

The product I wanted to use as an example is a product I received in the Maslow & Co December beauty box. It’s called Surfbomb Sea Salt Spray by Original Mineral.

This spray is designed to give users ‘beachy hair’ without going to the beach. It also has a few added bonuses, namely, it protects against humidity and adds more shine to your hair.

I washed my hair as normal and towel dried slightly. I then spritzed the product through the ends of your hair. I let my hair dry naturally and I was more than happy with the results. As I already have naturally curly hair, the product made the natural curl more defined and not the usual frizz bomb I would describe it as. You might also want to try scrunching your hair in your fist if you need to use a hair dryer/diffuser.

I also tried the product on dry hair and it added a little extra wave to my hair but I preferred using the product on damp hair. I guess everyone’s hair is different  so you may not find an even better results from using the product, feel free to share them with me!

My Hair

Do you have any hair products to recommend or avoid?

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