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As you are all probably aware, FRINGE WORLD Festival begins this week and takes over Perth for the next few weeks. There are so many shows covering many genres to experience over the next few weeks so get reading those blurbs and pick out a few shows.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the VIP Launch of one of FRINGE WORLDs newest venue, The Parrott House in Mayland.



The first thing that caught my eye was the food truck, Margaret River Burger Company. As I didn’t see anyone getting food at that time, we proceeded into the warehouse for a glass of champagne at the suitably stocked bar. The venue is no ordinary warehouse, it has been transformed to a stunning quirky, vintage venue with space for 100 guests for each scheduled show. The walls are decked with art pieces by Pippa Mc Manus and fairy lights to add a soft vibe to the foyer.

Before going into the preview show, we ordered some food and it did not disappoint!


The transformed warehouse holds 100 people between salvaged theatre seats and small tables towards the back of the auditorium. The red velvet and gold décor was beautiful and it is totally different to the venues I went to last year.



We were treated to a sneak peek performance of Catherine Summers début show, ‘A Night In Paris’. Some of the shows are already sold out so if you are keen to see a show here, get a seat booked soon.


More Info Here

Ms. A and I also had the opportunity to attend the VIP Launch Party for Noodle Palace, one of the FRINGE WORLD venues for 2016.


The Central Institute of Technology has it’s rooftop converted to a bar decorated in art work and beautiful lighting. With great music in the background, the bar alone is worth a visit. We heard speeches from the Managing Director of the institute as well as those from the JumpClimb team who put the venue together.


Strangely, neither of the food trucks serve noodles? We ordered tacos from el PUBLICO. My order was wrong and the portion size is ridiculously small and overpriced so don’t go to the venue hungry. These tiny tacos were $14, that’s not a typo! The tacos were nice, my preference was the chorizo option which is pictured on the right.

el PÚBLICO Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


The signage and navigation around the areas for the shows are very poor and you need to walk all the way upstairs, go the back of the building and then back down the stairs to access the theatre…it’s on the ground floor at the entrance of the stairs to Noodle Palace. Quite the wasted walk!

Anyway, on to the shows!

NOIR Revue

22nd,23rd,28th,29th January @Soba Stadium, Noodle Palace @8pm

NOIR Revue

First thing I have to say about this is in regards to the band, we loved the old school jazz vibes they brought with the softness of the drum and the cello! The show itself was a balance of music, short black and white film clips and of course, burlesque dancing. The songs sang by the band were soft and sultry and I felt they showed a lot of love as the burlesque dancers danced along in time to the beat.

The short film clips were really interesting and had a Sin City feel about them! I awaited an appearance from Al Capone and there were so many great one liners, my favourite being; ‘I know his type, he wants to have his cake and eat her’.

It was an all round enjoyable show and a great way to start our FRINGE experience. We left the show wanting to go to a near by bar called Sneaky Tonys to continue the bluesy jazz mood this show got us into.

Get your tickets here

Storm In A D Cup

22nd-30th January @ Bork Choy Ballroom, Noodle Palace @10.30pm

A Storm In A D Cup Hero

This show is the comical story of the life of a failed ‘exotic dancer’ called Amelia Ryan, the ‘Bimbo from Bombo’.

Amelia uses her own ‘real-life’ stories to make you feel better about your own life. At ten years old, she found out about her ‘gay dad’ and the calamities of her life started there. She shared these with a ‘room full of virgins’ and the calamities included everything from bad driving experiences, failed relationships and the ‘crappy lappies’ she performed to make ends meet. It is a screamer of a show that kept us grinning and laughing out loud from start to finish. Amelia is also Lady Liberty, so if you love her performance as much as we did, you may want to check out this one too! Click here

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