Cantina 663 | Mount Lawley

I visited Cantina 663 quite recently with Mr T for a late breakfast. When we arrived, there were few tables taken but we had a choice of a few indoors.

We took a seat and a waitress brought a menu to our table straight away. I ordered my usual long black and Mr T had his usual flat white.

I was rather peckish so I wanted to order something that would fill me up for a few hours. Mr T felt the same so we went down through the items on the menu working out which might be the biggest dishes and keep us full for longer.
My eyes were drawn to the Triple Bacon Bagel ($20) which had an egg as I love all of my breakfast dishes so this was option number one and option number two was the Pan Fried Gnocchi  ($29). I thought the price of the gnocchi was a little high compared to the other menu options so decided to go with the Triple Bacon Bagel as it was served with potatoes. There was no indication as to what kind or flavouring of potatoes I would get but I don’t think there’s any style I don’t like…queue the ‘typical Irish’ thoughts as you read this.
Anywho, Mr. T was considering the Lime and Pinenut Meatballs ($20) and the Avocado Bruschetta  ($16.50). In the end, he was curious to try an Avocado Bruschetta and compare it to a ‘typical’ brushetta.


While waiting for our food, we noticed quite a few people in for takeaway coffee so we obviously aren’t they only ones who like the coffee.

When my breakfast arrived, I knew I had made a good choice and would be full when I finished my dish.
On the left are the potatoes, they were so tasty! They were beautifully seasoned and the aioli type sauce drizzled over the top had me close to licking it right off the potatoes.
The bagel itself was delicious. I was tempted to pick it up and eat it but it was packed with three types of bacon and a perfect fried egg. I strategically cut down through the middle of the bagel so the runny yolk dripped down the inside where I had made the cut…yum!
The bacon…the bagel was layered with slices of bacon and it was heavenly. I didn’t think that a bagel with three types of bacon could work so well together and taste so amazing. The juices of the the bacon dripped out of the bagel with each bite and I mopped them up with a piece of the bagel. I absolutely loved this dish and wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.



Mr. T’s breakfast looked delicious on arrival. Considering the price, this was quite a large dish. The avocado bruschetta was a refreshing change to the ‘regular’ brushetta and definitely an option for avocado lovers. There was a perfectly poached egg resting on top and quite the portion of bacon on the side.
The only part of the dish was not keen on was the kale, however, that is personal taste and I know there are many kale lovers out there.
Overall, this is a great dish and quite a healthy option on the menu. Mr. T said he would happily order the dish again.



Mount Lawley is a great suburb for breakfast and I am so glad I have added another great breakfast/brunch spot to my list.

If you are looking for more inspiration in Mount Lawley, I would recommend Fez Cafe or another version of bruschetta at Caffissimo.

My Rating: 4.4

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