FOOD: Breakfast at Brooklyn Lounge

Brooklyn LoungeCredit goes to Mr. T for choosing Brooklyn Lounge for breakfast on this occasion.

We are both fans of the shopping in Claremont Quarter and Typika , however, it was time to try somewhere else and explore the area. We were pleasantly surprised that Brooklyn Lounge was a little quiet on this particular Sunday morning but that meant that we could sit at a quiet table by ourselves.

We chose to sit in the outdoor area and I found it so comfy and relaxing. We had a look at the menu and so started the dilemma on what to order. I was drawn to The Nacho Libre ($19) because it sounded like a borderline breakfast-lunch kind of dish. On the other hand, I also liked the sound of Up In Smoke ($22) but wasn’t sure if I would prefer the salmon or brisket option.

When it came to ordering, I asked the waitress what she would recommend. She said that it was quite a large breakfast and that the brisket option was the larger dish. I went with the salmon option, it was great to see that the waitress was able to recommend something to me, it made the experience quite personal. Mr. T was content with ordering something he had seen a picture of, that was The Colonel ($24). The dish made me think of the waffle dish Mr. T ordered at Good Things, Mosman Park or Mary Street Bakery, Mount Lawley. Maybe this dish is Mr. T’s match for my potato hash love. We each ordered a coffee with our breakfast.

Coffees were delivered promptly and had a nice touch of coffee art. Most importantly, it was a great coffee to start our morning.

By LilePR

Our breakfast dishes arrived together which was a great start. I’ll start with my dish, the waitress rightly advised that the dish was rather large, I was glad I wore stretchy shorts!

The ciabatta toast was deliciously fresh. There was a huge portion of salmon layered over the toast, oh my goodness, there was so much salmon! The poached eggs were perfect and the runny yolks added more moisture to the dish. I really enjoyed the lime and pepper in the hollandaise sauce and I felt it really stole the show. I think this dish was precisely designed to encourage you to continue eating even though you are full.

I really struggled to finish this breakfast. Overall, I really enjoyed the I would definitely order this dish again!

By LilePR

Mr. T’s eyes lit up when his breakfast was placed in front of him. You could tell immediately that the chicken was real chicken, rather than a patty which was excellent! This was finger licking good and the batter was glorious. There was quite a substantial amount of bacon on top of the waffle. The only criticism of the dish was the overkill on the maple syrup. The waffle was drowned in it and even though it says on the menu that it was infused with lemon, it was terribly sweet.

I feel like the elements of this dish were all smartly paired together and create a mouthful of flavours and textures in each bite.

By LilePR

We enjoyed breakfast at Brooklyn Lounge and I hope to revisit. Stop into Brooklyn Lounge if you venture to Claremont!

My Rating: 4.1

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