How amazing is the FRINGE festival!
I don’t know about you but I have loved it so far. Where would you get the opportunity to see many shows night after night, it’s exhausting though.

Rebecca De Unamuno: Kiss My Date 

Kiss My Date
This show was ridiculously hilarious. As I’m in a relationship, I forgot about all of the funny things that happen when you are single and the ‘interesting’ people you meet.
Rebecca has had a single journey of fun, adventure and strange men and unfortunately for her, she didn’t find love ‘when she least expected it!’ She took us through the colourful people she has met along the journey as well as in depth details about her experience using a dating site for 12 months.
The material for this show is all through experience and Ms. D and I laughed all the way through as we thought; ‘oh my gosh that happened to me’ or ‘please don’t ever allow me to cross paths with someone like that’.
My favourite line from the show ‘Im 5.7 but what does that matter, a credit card is 3.5 and seems to keep women happy’.

If you missed this show, take the opportunity to see it when you can!

Eddie Ifft: Excess Baggage

Eddie Ifft
The next show I went to, also deemed a ‘comedy’ show, was an hour of my life I’ll never get back. It started off mildly funny but then it got weird and moved to cringeworthy. I’ve never regretted sitting in the second row of a show as much as I did, because we couldn’t get up to leave.

I’m not one to feel awkward at a comedy show, I’m Irish and get sarcasm and Tommy Tiernan can brush a few touchy subjects. Let’s put it like this, I can see why he was asked to leave a studio, called all of the names he was and ‘banned from the internet three times’.

Save yourself the money and go to see an actual comedy show, by a funny comedian.

Xavier Michelides – Live at the Allocated Venue

Live At The Allocated Venue

Xavier Michelides is an acclaimed Australian stand-up comedian, currently based in Melbourne. In a vintage and casual venue, Michelides looks like he is right at home telling stories from his childhood, through his younger years and the interesting jobs he took on while making his way in the world.

This show will appeal to those with a quick wit, good understanding of sarcasm and Australians- as a non Australian, some of the sketches were over my head…and I think he noticed!

The show was funny in parts but not as funny as I expected after reading other reviews!


The Birdcage
We were very excited to go to this show and saw it on the same night as Xavier Michelides.
The tickets were $40 each so we were expecting something great.
The MC for the show was great and really got the audience involved in the show, I was a fan of his jokes too!
The female performers were amazing but the guys were a little creepy in my opinion, especially the last act! He was a terrible act to finish the show with.

My favourites were the first act and the circus act, the energy put into their performances and the passion displayed was inspiring. These two particular ladies were fabulous.

The show started late and finished ten minutes before the 60minute end time which was disappointing. I probably wouldn’t go to see the show again and the last act ruined the great performances by the other acts.

Gordon Southern-Long Story Short

5-9 February @ 7.15pm-The Pleasure Gardens

Gordon-SouthernWhoop whoop! A good comedian!After seeing Gordon Southern’s show, it is easy to see why he is dubbed as one of those immediately clever and likeable comedians who has a knack for telling jokes that are fun and honest.

It was a funny and moving show about cars, care and Costco and how this cheeky chap got into comedy. He also explores the relationship between his Dad and his advancing dementia in light hearted and funny way.

Go see this show before he leaves!

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