FOOD: French Toast At tbsp.


Bayswater is quite the unexplored territory for me. I spotted tbsp. following a FRINGE show near by and made plans to venture back the next day.

 When we arrived, there was a short queue and as we had no plans, we were happy to wait. The cafe itself is quite small and narrow with various sized tables and colourful display fridge at the counter.

We were handed the menu while we waited for our table. As usual, I was scanning the dishes on the tables and matching them to a choice on the menu. I liked the sound of the Fried Chicken Sandwich ($22) and unusually, the Brioche French Toast ($16). By the time we were guided to our table, I decided to make the sweet choice of breakfast…no eggs, can you believe it? Mr. T made a quick decision and went for the Tblt Sandwich ($24).  I ordered a Long Black and Mr. T ordered an Orange Juice.

Our drinks arrived pretty promptly. The coffee blend was delicious and you could smell the coffee aroma in the cafe. Mr. T’s Orange Juice was rather large and it was freshly squeezed..yum!

Long Black & Orange Juice

There is quite a quick turnover of tables as the service is quick and extremely efficient so it was a short wait for our food.

I was hesitant ordering this dish as I don’t usually order a sweet breakfast, I was so glad I did. This dish was as delicious as it looks! The brioche toast looks a little small in this photo but trust me, the slices were a perfect size and quite thick. I’ve never tasted french toast with a crunchy element, I think it was a great addition to the dish and added a nice texture. Whipped honey butter… I’ve never experienced this addictive silky food before. The portion was a perfect size as it was quite sweet but by adding a small bit of it to each bite, it didn’t overpower the great taste of the french toast. As you can see, there is a lot of bacon but it was burnt and there was a lot of fat on the slices so this was my least favourite element of the dish.

I was glad I ordered a sweet dish, this Brioche French Toast definitely ticked a few boxes. Yum!

Brioche French Toast

Mr. T literally had a big sandwich. He said it was very filling and packed with a lot of elements. Mr. T is a fan of pulled pork, I think that’s what swayed this choice. The aioli was very strong in flavour and a little overpowering but it depended on which end of the sandwich he was eating. There are three types of pork but the best one, according to Mr. T was the pulled pork. All of the ingredients to make this sandwich were fresh and tasty and worked very well together.

Mr. T said he would order again, even though he struggled to finish it. I’m not sure if you can gauge the size while looking at this photo.


My Rating: 4.0

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