FOOD: New Kid on The Block, Cup & Co


If Cup & Co was opened before I moved house, I think I would be an even bigger coffee addict than I already am.

I arranged to meet two girlfriends for a catch up as this cafe has been on my radar and close to the girls.  At 10am, the cafe was already busy and I was second to arrive. There were menus and water on the table and Miss. D was already scanning the menu.
We ordered coffees to begin with, a usual Long Black with Milk for me.

Miss. D had some dental work done a few days prior to our visit and wanted something soft to eat, something along the lines of pancakes. Miss. D made a quick choice, Peaches, Raspberries,Waffles and Salted Pistachios ($16.50).
Miss. A went for the Cornbread, Avocado, Rocket, Tomato Lime Salsa & Jalapeno Sour Cream ($16.50) and I was a bit of an awkward customer with my order. I wanted to order the Poached Chicken ($19.50) but at 10am it was a large dish for that time of the morning. Second on my list was the Scrambled Eggs, Persian Style Feta, Spinach & Chorizo Sausage ($19.50) but I’m not a huge fan of scrambled eggs unless there is something mixed with them. When I ordered, I asked if I could have poached eggs and the staff were happy to oblige, thank you!


Coffee was great, it was a strong rich blend by Toby’s Estate!


First to arrive was Miss D’s waffles. The presentation of this dish was unusually amazing! I haven’t come across poached pears on a breakfast dish in quite some time and Miss. D commented that she forgot how much she liked poached pears.
As Miss. D was after a soft dish, she really enjoyed the waffles and there wasn’t much left on the plate.
The raspberry coulis added moisture to the dish and the sweetness of the dish was perfectly balanced by the natural yoghurt on the side.



My dish was bright and healthy looking. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked. The chorizo was delicious but I would have loved a little more. My least favourite part of the dish was the spinach, there was no dressing or seasoning of any sort so I poured the oil from the fetta over it. The wasn’t flavoured or seasoned so it didn’t do very much for the dish except to add a little moisture to the dish. I don’t think I would order this dish again and I’m not sure if I would have felt much different if I had not opted for the poached eggs.


Miss. A had quite the colourful dish also with warm summer colours. Miss. A said she really enjoyed this dish and was pleasantly surprised by the cornbread as these were more like corn fritters or corn hashes, tasty all the same.
There was quite a small portion of salsa between the cornbread pieces but it was fresh and zesty. This was balanced by the kick in the jalapeno sour cream and really rounded off the dish.
Miss. A said she would order the dish again.


Other favourites in the area include a beach side breakfast at Scarborough Beach Bar or a guilt free brunch at The Local Shack.

My Rating: 3.6

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