FOOD: Breakfast On The Quay At Kazoomies


Kazoomies is situated in the E Shed at Victoria Quay, Fremantle. The docks were rather busy when we arrived with lots of hustle and bustle through the markets and surrounding cafes.

I was delighted to be invited to dine at Kazoomies. Before my arrival, I surfed the social media channels to see what other diners were ordering and get a feel for the establishment.

We went to the front counter and picked up our menus before taking a table outside. All of the seating is outdoor and even though it was quite a warm morning, it was surprisingly cool which was great.
The menu is influenced by North African and Spanish cuisine and this was evident throughout the breakfast menu. My eyes were initially drawn to the Green Me Up Scotti ($22.50) as I loved the sound of it. I had a look at the sides to see if I had the option to add bacon to the dish, it was $5 which I thought made the dish very expensive. I decided to go with the Fal-waffle ($24) to order something a little different, it’s usually Mr. T ordering the waffle dishes!
Mr. T scanned the menu for a filling dish and after confirmation from the waitress that the Warfies Breakfast ($23.50) was a large dish, he made his decision to order it.
I went with my usual Long Black w/milk ($3.50) and Mr. T ordered the Iced Coconut Soda ($7) to accompany our breakfast.


Drinks arrived as we were people watching around the busy quay. My coffee was rather small but it was priced lower than larger coffees elsewhere so I was ok with that.
Mr. T’s juice was nice but very over priced as the dominant element was the soda water and it was filled with ice.


Our dishes arrived together which always rates highly, especially when there are only two diners. First impression was that both dishes were quite large in portion size, particularly Mr T’s and the colours on the dishes were warm and rustic.
Mr. T’s Warfie Breakfast first. The dominant element of the dish was the fresh bread and I felt it shouldn’t have been, however, it meant I could take a piece rather than just taste it. Both eggs were perfectly poached and coated in a highly rated sherry hollandaise, Mr. thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if I would like the sherry hollandaise but it brought all of the elements of the dish together and added a touch of elegance. The lamb patty didn’t add much to the dish, the bacon would have been sufficient had there been a little more of it.
I loved the onions on the dish and stole Mr. T’s leftovers for myself. Overall, it was a good dish. Mr. T said there was a little too much bread on the dish, even though I took a full piece, there were still two large pieces left without any other element to have it with, however, a bread and carb lover would enjoy it.


My dish! I loved the look of my Fal-waffle when it arrived to the table. I do not order waffles for breakfast very often but this dish appealed to me because it had waffles and eggs, I was keen to try something new.

I think I enjoyed my dish more than Mr. T. My dish was a little more focused on the waffle which was the star of the dish, according to the menu and my taste buds. My poached eggs were splendid. More about the star of the dish, the waffles. I really enjoyed the unusual flavour combination, there was a great mix of spices that worked perfectly together and the texture was dense but I loved it as the waffle wasn’t too big. The spice was continued through the dish with the addition of the dukkah which brought the Egyptian influence to the dish. There was a small portion of wilted spinach under the poached eggs and the dish was finished with a drizzle of baba ghanoush and pickled cucumber.

Initially, I did not receive the roasted tomato but I didn’t miss it. It arrived half way through the dish and was a sweet addition as the tomato had been roasted well.

Kazoomies by Lisa Carolan

I would happily order this dish again, I really enjoyed it. Breakfast is served from 8am-3pm if you fancy checking out Kazoomies.


I would definitely return to Kazoomies. The location and ease of parking makes it extremely accessible and the opportunity to browse the markets after breakfast was an added bonus. The look of the tapas menu would certainly bring me back as there is a lot of variety on the menu in terms of dishes and the cuisines that have inspired the menu.

My Rating: 3.8

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