EVENT: Exploring The Menu At Wok St Chow House


I was delighted to be amongst those invited to Yelp’s most recent Elite event at Wok St Chow House during the week.
Having never been to the venue since its recent opening in mid December, I was excited to sample the menu.

We were seated in a large open area of the back of the venue as organized by Laura and the team at Yelp. I was seated at a table where I didn’t know anybody but we all had place names and badges so we could get the conversation started.
It wasn’t long before the food started to arrive and first I to the table was the cured fish it was a beautiful dish and this fish was nicely cooked and tender in a yummy sauce.


This was closely followed by the Thai beef which another delicious dish. The meat was not as tender as it could have been, however, the sauce was delicious. This dish had a lot of spice and heat and was served with noodles.


Next up were the chicken wings. Oh my goodness, these chicken wings perfectly summed up the food I associate with some Asian cuisines. It draws you in with an initial sweetness and just as you finished the last bite, BAM… it hits you with heat and spice!


This next dish was my favourite dish of the night it was shredded thai duck served on a beetle leaf. The reason this dish was my favourite of the night was because of the flavours that were packed into such a small dish. The shredded duck was delicious and it was the spiciest dish of the night. My tongue was literally tingling after every bite but it tasted so good, I went back for seconds. This is a dish I would definitely order again.


The last of the small dishes was the Thai Fish Cakes. The verdict around the table for this dish was not good, it was my least favourite dish of the night. The fish cakes are an experimental dish at this stage and only recently added to the menu. I found my fish cake rubbery and tasteless so I did not finish it. This dish is a work in progress.


Time for a food break meant an introduction to Nick, the owner and Tim,the chef.
Nick told us a little bit about the venue and how the name came about. He loved the variety of food that can be cooked in a wok as well as street food, and so Wok St was born.
Tim told us about some of the local produce sourced for the ingredients in the kitchen and more about the menu. This part is left in his capable hands and it changes with the seasons to use mix it up but to also use produce when it is in season.

Firstly, I couldn’t believe that there was more food coming as I was starting to get a little full. The next dish was a pork belly number. It was soft and tender and another incredible dish.


To finish off our evening we were presented with a beautiful thai green curry. By the stage I was rather full, but of course, there was a little bit of room to try some of this dish. The curry itself was beautiful in colour and served with a large bowl of jasmine rice. Everything was beautifully cooked in the dish the vegetables had a little crunch, and the sauce was light and flavoursome, what a beautiful dish!


Wok St Chow House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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