EVENT: Fremantle Street Arts Festival-Easter Weekend

Kelp Bar-Lisa CarolanOver Easter Weekend, Fremantle expects to see 150000 visitors to the city to experience the Fremantle Street Arts Festival.

If you are a lover of Street Arts, you may see one of 24 local and international artists preform in various locations around the city of Fremantle this Eaters Weekend 2016.
The Fremantle Street Arts Festival promises something you haven’t seen before. The festival itself started off small and was organised a few committee members, it has become so pooular that it now needs a team of organisers. It has been described as ‘Freo on steroids‘ as the city celebrates its culture and the diversity of its visitors.

The festival organisers visit countries in Europe to seek out preformers as well as trawl through video submissions from artists hoping to get the opportunity to  preform at this amazing festival. The artists perform shows showcasing everything from juggling to circus acts and even comedy.

The festival allows local businesses to extend their venue out on to the streets, alfresco style so be prepared for busy streets packed with shows and festival supporters. It is a great opportunity for local businesses and the local economy considering the expected visitors to the city…we all have to eat!

Kelp Bar 2-Lisa Carolan

The performance was set at the stunning Kidogo Art Centre where we met local artist and art house owner, Joanna, who will have Kelp Bar opened over the weekend. This bar is opened a few times throughout the year and houses Johanna’s art studio and some of the stunning work and artist pieces she produces. If you get the opportunity to check out the bar over the weekend, take it as you never know when it will be open again.

After a short introduction to a few of the festival organisers, we were treated to an exciting and talented show by the French performers Defracto. The show was amazing! I’ve never been to a show like it, the thought and preparation that  goes into a show getting it second perfect, its phenomenal! The rain began about 20minutes before the end of the show which cut it a little short. Hopefully the rain holds off over the weekend, I hope to revisit Fremantle to catch a few more shows before the festival ends.

Flaque-Lisa Carolan

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