FOOD: My Favourite Ribs In Perth CBD


Every time I walk past Ribs & Burgers I think to myself, damn, I keep meaning to go there but I’ve just eaten. I just haven’t managed to get in until now.

We were walking through the alley way on our way back to the car and having not eaten while in the city, I thought tonight is the night we are going to go to Ribs & Burgers.

There wasn’t quite the queue we had seen on other nights so it became the perfect opportunity. There were a few people in front of us waiting to order but there were a few tables free so we knew we wouldn’t be waiting for very long.

By the time we reached the front counter, we knew what we wanted to order. I was keen to have the Spare Pork Ribs: smokey BBQ sauce ($28.50) and Mr. T wanted the Old School Cheese Burger ($10.50). We decided to order a portion of Our Famous Chips ($6) and a portion of Onion Rings ($6) as well as two drinks.

We took a seat indoors as it was quite chilly evening and did not have to wait very long until our food was served. I thought the service was a little strange as the guy who delivered the food to our table didn’t actually speak to us or acknowledge is as he set the food on the table and left to return with the onion rings and chips.

Anyways, service aside let’s get down to business and discuss the food! I have heard rave reviews about the ribs from Ribs and Burgers and read many reviews to say that the ribs definitely were better than the burgers…was it true? Yes it was!

I couldn’t eat the ribs quick enough! The meat was falling off the bones and I was very reluctant to share any of them with Mr. T as he tried to steal a few from my plate. The sauce that coated the ribs was sticky and sweet but it kept the ribs soft and tender and extremely juicy. They were absolutely delicious! I think that if you ever had a thought to go to Ribs & Burgers, stop procrastinating and just go, it really is worth it for the ribs alone.


Mr. T’s initial idea was that we would share a little of each dish however his burger arrived with lots of salad and as I’m not a fan, he ate most of it. He enjoyed the burger, he said that the bun was fresh the salad was fresh and the burger itself was quite moist and juicy. Exactly what you want from a burger!


The onion rings were a little unusual as I had never seen onion rings done like this. The rings themselves were not thick, they were quite thin and heavily battered. There was not much of a taste of the onions but they were crunchy and I still enjoyed them for what they were. I am quite the fan of onion rings so I was expecting the large chunky rings and was a little disappointed when that is not what we received, however I still ate them anyway. The fries were quite a large portion also. They were cooked well and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside,  exactly what you would ask for.


Overall, we really enjoyed our dishes and perhaps our eyes were a little bigger than our bellies as we were not able to finish the portion of fries and onion rings. I would definitely order the ribs over the burgers if I were to choose between them but it depends on your own personal taste.
We left Ribs & Burgers extremely full and vowing to one day return and try a different type of ribs.

My Rating: 3.7

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