BEAUTY: My Top 4 Lipsticks

Lipstick CollectionBeing the impulsive buyer I am, I needed a huge clear out of make up drawer!

I eventually got to my lipsticks, my gosh I had so many. I often stroll down a make up aisle and find that I see a ‘good deal’ and buy shades I wouldn’t often wear but it’s on sale, so why not! Please say I’m not the only one who does this…

I wanted to keep four or five lipsticks in my make up organiser and they consisted of a clear lip gloss and a four lipsticks, which I decided to share. As the weather cools here in Perth, I often move away from the brightly coloured lipsticks and use more neutral and darker tones. The only shades that never leave my make up organiser are from the red family, I feel like red lipstick always adds to a make up look.

Chantel RahmeChantel Rahme- Long lasting, creamy and glossy!

  • It is a highly pigmented, gel based lipstick and looks beautiful and glossy when applied. It is also creamy so could not have been easier to apply.
  • I put this lippy on and a few hours later, it was still in place, looking fabulous and glossy! My lips did not dry out and the lipstick did not crack.
  • This particular shade, Finest Wine, is perfect for me as I’m not a fan of very pink lipsticks so it was between a red and pink but there are 13 to choose from if this isn’t your ideal shade.
  • The packaging is stunning! The problem I often have with lipstick, is trying to find it in my bag. With this beautiful packaging, it is so easy to find.
  • Purchase from: The Make Up Expert

imageKmart– Cheap and cheerful!

  • I use this lipstick quite often as I wear quite a lot of black and feel that it works pretty well with various outfits. This particular shade is called Chevrolet.
  • The lipstick is not a long lasting choice and needs reapplication often but as it is cheap and cheerful, I don’t mind.
  • The clear top on the lipstick is great as I never need to take the lid off to check the colour, clever packaging.
  • Purchase from: In store at Kmart

imageRimmel– Perfectly nude!

  • Currently my favourite nude lipstick.
  • I bought this one quite recently and I love it. It is the ‘Naughty Nude’ from The Only One Collection. There are twelve shades to choose from.
  • I find that Rimmel put effort into packaging and the scent of some of their lipsticks. This one looks good and smells great!
  • The lipstick is also creamy and glossy but the pigment does not last as long as you might expect.
  • Purchase from: Priceline

Copyright Lisa CarolanRimmel-‘ No Kisses’ lipstick!

  • This is a lipstick I hope continues forever. It is from the Kate Collection which has been around for a while and is still my favourite red lipstick, Rossetto.
  • The lipstick is easy to apply, extremely glossy and highly pigmented but when you look very closely, it bleeds a little so lip liner is a must.
  • My partner sees this lipstick on and says something along the lines of;  ‘I can’t kiss you with that on’. There is quite a lot of transfer from this lipstick but it still seems to last and does not require a lot of reapplication. It baffles me.
  • Much like the ‘Naughty Nude’, this one also smells great.
  • Purchase from: Priceline

What are some of your favourite lipsticks?

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