FOOD: Getting My Malaysian On At My Rasa


I was delighted to be invited to the beautiful My Rasa in South Perth. The invitation was extended by fellow food blogger Diary of Ange who had dined here before and recommended a blogger brunch at this beautiful location.


The venue itself used to be a French inspired restaurant which closed and was revamped to become My Rasa. My Rasa is a Malaysian restaurant that opened on Christmas day to serve the hungry people of Perth and has been booming ever since. Having tasted so many dishes in this restaurant, I can understand why it was so busy on the particular Saturday morning we arrived.

We took a table with a beautiful backdrop added by the new owners on one side, and a feature wall of red brick on the other side. The restaurant itself is rather open and bright and still has elements of the French styled furniture throughout.


None of us knew what to order so we were offered a selection of dishes to try between us. Clearly we had no idea what we were in for.

First to arrive were the beef and chicken skewers. Both of the skewer dishes arrived with the tastiest satay sauce I have ever had. This sauce was so tasty that I did not allow it to go back to the kitchen after the skewers were finished I literally could have eaten it with a spoon and was nibbling on it throughout the courses.


Next up was the Nasi Lemak MyRasa which was quite a large course, we were served one of each of the meats with the dish. Unfortunately, I could not taste the prawns and the squid but the beef and chicken were tender and ridiculously tasty! Both meats were tender and juicy. The beef was smothered in a delicious spicy sauce and the chicken was seasoned with beautiful spices. I tasted the coconut rice which accompanied the dish and it was fresh on the palette, light and fluffy.
Also served at this time was the Kari Ikan MyRasa, essentially this is a fish curry. This particular one didn’t agree with my taste buds but the majority of my company enjoyed it so I guess it depends on your taste buds.


By this stage we were starting to get full so we had a little break from eating.

Next dishes up were the Nasi Ayam MyRasa which was another large dish consisting of a broth, chicken, rice and salad and the Mee Rebus which was made up of a light bean sprout salad, hard-boiled egg and tofu.
The chicken on the Nasi Ayam MyRasa was on the bone so we pulled it apart to taste it. It was well matched with the fluffy rice and complimentary sauces, my favourite being the garlic-chilli sauce…yum!
The sauce which was an element of the Mee Rebus was just delightful. It was another sauce I could have eaten spoonfuls of, full of flavour and a kick of spice! The other elements of the dish were fresh and added even more flavour and crunch.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

Thankfully, this was the end of the main courses and on to dessert!

The first dessert was the Pandan Pancakes. The presentation was amazing! It was a nice surprise to cut through the pancakes and see a hint of green. The ice-cream was delicious, it was light and creamy in texture and full flavoured. Pancakes go perfectly with both strawberries and blueberries so they were a delightful element to the dish. To finish the dish, there was a drizzle of syrup, not too much or too little and to my delight, not on the pancakes. Overall, a scrumptious dish!


The next dessert was the Sago Gula Melaka. I wasn’t a fan of this dish as I’m a not much of lover of coconut but many of the others loved it. The presentation was pretty and the beautiful pearls sat at the bottom of the dish.


The last dish was a light dish to finish with. You will find it on the menu under the roti section as Roti Tissue.
The roti was not as simple in design as it looks. It spiralled  around inside the cone which I assume helped it to stand in position. The sugar a drizzle of condensed milk added sweetness to this dish and it was great for sharing!


Thank you to the staff at My Rasa for showcasing such a beautiful menu!

MyRasa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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