EVENT: Take A Trip To The Cinema


Have you been to the cinema recently?

This week I had the pleasure to attend two cinema screenings for two new movies due in a cinema near you soon.

Bastille Day
Photo: http://www.hoyts.com.au


The first movie was Bastille Day.

I really enjoyed this movie and English actor Idris Elba (Sean Briar) and Richard Madden (Michael Mason) from Game of Thrones made it all the more enjoyable.

The movie is about an unlikely pair who must work together  to catch a common enemy. Mason is a clever American pick pocket who picks up more than he bargained for. Briar recruits Mason to uncover the real terrorists in 24hours.

Watch the trailer here.


Hunt For The Wilderpeople
Photo: http://www.hoyts.com.au


The second movie was screening in the old school cinema at Luna Cinemas in  Leederville. The cinema has the old theatre cinema seats which are the most comfortable cinema seats I have sat in in quite some time.

The movie we saw was Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

This movie made me want to google so many of the locations used for filming, it was like an advertisement for New Zealand. Street smart and city boy Ricky Baker finds himself fostered by an older couple, Hector and Bella, who live in the country where his life changes forever. Shortly after Ricky starts to feel at home, tragedy strikes and Ricky fears going to live with another family so he decides to go on the run. He starts his adventure with Hector and we see the friendship that grows between them in this hilarious and heart warming comedy.

Watch the trailer here.

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