FOOD: Lot Six Zero


Since moving away from the Scarborough area, it takes the conversation about where to go to for breakfast to bring me back here.

Mr. T and I were enjoying a morning of browsing a few shops hunting down a present for an upcoming birthday. When it was time for lunch, we wanted to go somewhere that was quick and handy but also close by, as the area was quite busy with traffic at the time.

Mr. T suggested going to Lot Six Zero and having been there on two previous occasions, I was hesitant as I didn’t enjoy my meal either time.
It was lunch time, I thought things might be a little different and third time lucky. We arrived at about 1:30p.m and expected it to be rather busy but surprisingly it wasn’t. We grabbed a menu and took a seat at a high table in the corner so I could take my sneaky images without Mr T getting embarrassed.

I have always ordered from the breakfast menu on the previous occasions I’ve been here so I decided that the lunch option might be the better one for me on this visit. When I saw a dish that had roasted potatoes and Peri Peri Chicken ($19), I knew what I was going to order. Mr T wanted the Soft Tacos ($15), the only choice he had to me was which meat he wanted.
I need a little bit of a wake me up so decided to order my usual long black with milk on the side and Mr T went for a smoothie.

As we were waiting for our food to arrive, we did our usual look around the venue to see what everyone else was doing. The most interesting thing I noticed was the waitress taking a piece of cheesecake from the fridge and removed the stale fruit that has been there so long it stained the cheesecake. The next thing she did was defrosting new berries and placing them on top to cover the stain. My first thought was oh no, it’s not going to be third time unlucky! Imagine what’s going on in the kitchen if this is what is going on in full view of customers.
*Note to self…don’t order the cheesecake!

Anywho, our drinks arrived. I liked the coffee blend, it was strong and exactly what I needed. T’s smoothie was also nice, it was the perfect size for the price.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

Mr. T’s tacos looked rather tasty. The first thing I noticed was the sauce coating the tacos and the presentation of the dish. The contraption that was used to present and hold the tacos together…Impressed! I’ve never seen the instrument used for this presentation but I really liked it. The tacos themselves were quite a reasonably size portion, especially for the $12 price. Mr. T said that the meat was deliciously juicy and there was quite a lot of flavour in the sauce. He really enjoyed the dish and the bite I managed to steal was good!

Copyright Lisa Carolan

After seeing what happened with the cheesecake I was rather apprehensive about my dish but third time lucky, I was pleasantly surprised!
The chicken was very well seasoned and it was tender and juicy. It was also quite a large portion of chicken so I was a happy camper. There was an equal sized portion of roasted potatoes and there was enough of the potatoes and chicken to have together for the whole dish. Underneath all of the chicken and potatoes, there was some wilted spinach. This was quite a small portion, but, I was ok with that.
The only criticism I have for the dish was at it was rather dry dish overall as there was no dressing or sauce.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

I had ordered a coffee with my dish but it was a little too spicy to have with my lunch so I was reaching for the water!

I’m glad Mr. T pushed me to go to Lot Six Zero as my reservations about the place have been slightly lifted. If I am to return again, I think I’ll stick with the lunch menu as it seems to work for me I might as well!

Other favourites in the area include Casa Bianchi in Mount Hawthorn for location and a really nice breakfast, or, Pizzaca on Scarborough Beach Road who serve food throughout the day.

My Rating: 3.9
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