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Amongst the many cafes in restaurants on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, the is a beautiful restaurant for an evening dinner.

Monte Fiore has been around for quite some time but recently changed hands. Unfortunately, I never visited before the change but better late than never.

I phoned ahead and booked a table for three. We were warmly greeted at the door and guided to our table on arrival. The waitress came over immediately with some menus and a jug of cold water.

The first thing we decided to order with a nice bottle of wine. There is a vast choice on the menu when it comes to wind but I am quite the fan of a nice white wine and chose one from the menu to share between us.

At first glance of the menu and I had no idea for wanted to order! We discussed the different options, in the end, we decided to order the Share Plate ($29) to share between us. I wanted to taste as many different dishes as possible.
For mains, I ordered the Lamb Shank ($33). Ms. D ordered the Fettuccine Alla Carbonara ($25). Ms. G wanted to try a risotto dish and went for the Chicken Risotto ($27).

My favourite part of the share plate were the arancini balls. They were light and fluffy balls of deliciousness. The balls were packed with flavour and held together by the cheese. The moisture didn’t compromise the crunchy shell of each ball.
When I saw Salmon Crepes on the dish description, I pictured small disks infused with salmon flavour. What arrived were light and fluffy puffs with small salmon pieces that didn’t overpower the crepes. They were pleasantly tasty!
We also enjoyed the fresh meats and the toasted turkish breads that were also on the share plate.


Our starter was cleared and our mains were delivered shortly after this. The service was extremely prompt.

My main first! As it was a Lamb Shank, it was exactly as I expected it, homely and rustic. Imagine the most tender meat you have ever eaten, that is exactly what you can expect from this dish. The meat was well seasoned and falling apart.
The shank was accompanied by vegetables and a generous portion of creamy mashed potatoes. If this dish was cooked at home, this is exactly how it would be served.
Collectively, this was our favourite main course of the three we choose.


Ms. G’s dish was the Chicken Risotto. The dish was creamy as expected but not too heavy in texture. The risotto was beautifully cooked, a slight crunch and not soft.
There was a fair amount of chicken throughout the dish which was very pleasing. The portion size was generous and extremely filling. As a risotto lover, it was safe to say Ms. G really enjoyed this dish and was happy with her choice.

Monte Fiore


Last but not least, Ms. D had the Fettuccine Alla Carbonara. The first thing that was evident about this dish was the homemade sauce, the chef made it flavoursome and light. This meant that Ms. D didn’t leave much of the dish behind.
Ms. D commented that she enjoyed the bacon on the dish. She loves bacon a good cut and without any fat, this is exactly what she got.


As you can imagine, we were quite full after our main courses so we were a little hesitant about ordering a dessert. We had a look at the menu anyway and decided to order the Brownies ($10.90).
After reading the description of the dish, we expected a lot of chocolate and that’s exactly what we got.
The brownies were a little dense but this went unnoticed when spooned up with the chocolate sauce that covered the brownies. They were accompanied by a rich vanilla ice-cream that helped to balance the richness of the brownies and the chocolate sauce.

Monte Fiore Dessert

As you can tell, we had a beautiful evening catching up as friends over some great food.
Monte Fiore has been a long term feature on Beaufort Street and I have no doubt it will continue that way for some time to come.

My Rating: 4.0

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