EVENT: Bloggers United AU 1st Birthday Bash


Bloggers United have been supporting and connecting bloggers here in Perth for a year and the fabulous people at LUSH threw a birthday party to celebrate.

LUSH opened a new store in Murray Street, Perth and hosted a great get together for us bloggers.Β A select few bloggers were invited to explore the shelves of colourful and aromatic products in-store while mingling and catching up.


We were warmly welcomed and introduced to the beauties hosting the party and the night was started off with a quick game so we could mingle.
After the game, we watched demonstrations of the amazing bath bombs in store. Who knew there could be so many colours and aromas fizzing in your bath at one time. Now that is it winter in Perth, there is certainly more call for a hot soaking bath and a relaxing bath bomb to complete it.

Luckily for us, we could choose a product of our choice to take home but where do you start to choose with so much to choose from! The girls at LUSH places themselves around the store to tell us about all of the products and answer any questions we had.


I found myself over by the hair care area browsing the products. There are so many products but the hair treatments caught my eye. I found a particular one to aid the combing process as well as conditioning my hair, with the added bonus of smelling great!

I think I will find myself in LUSH on a regular basis, the birthday bash was a great opportunity to learn about the products and find things that I liked.
We were lucky enough to be gifted a few more products before we left, lucky girls!



Huge thanks to Sophie and Samantha at Bloggers United AU in Perth for organising a fantastic evening! Such a fun evening!



  1. I had my eye on Fluff-Eaze for my free item too, but I ultimately ended up choosing a meltable hot oil treatment instead & giving it a whirl on the weekend.
    It was a great event, I hope you had as great of a night as I did. πŸ™‚
    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

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