FOOD: The Little Pantry

This isn’t the first time we have attempted to go to The Little Pantry but we made it second time round.

I was very surprised by the amount of space hen I arrived, I thought, oh dear we are never going to get a table until I walked through to the back room and out to the outdoor area. Ms. D beat me to The Little Pantry and was waiting in the outdoor area under one of the umbrellas with a menu in hand.

We spent a few minutes catching up before we had a browse of the menu and decided on our breakfast. I decided to step outside my comfort zone a little and choose something that was a little sweeter rather than my usual savory breakfast. I decided on the Breakfast Brushetta ($13) but I still needed to have my eggs with my breakfast so I added them on as side as well as a portion of bacon which brought the total of the dish to $20.50. Ms. D also went for a sweet option and decided on the Buttermilk Pancakes ($15). We each ordered our usual coffees to accompany our breakfast. I thought the pricing of the breakfast dishes were extremely reasonable and considerably less than some places we have visited recently.

The cafe was rather busy and we waited some time for our coffee. The coffees arrived separately, the coffee was good but it wasn’t that strong.

As we chatted, we didn’t really notice the time go by until our breakfast arrived. It was well worth the wait, my breakfast arrived by itself with the sides in separate bowls. This was a great idea, however, the table was very small so we struggled for room to put everything on the table.

Anywho, my breakfast looked spectacular! The colour of the shiny poached rhubarb and the yellow flowers made the dish looked like a plate of summer. I havent had rhurbarb on a dish in so long and it was delicious. Under all of the delicious toppings was a slice of fruit toast, I would have enjoyed a little more of that to wipe up the leftover whipped ricotta. I felt that everything on this plate was there for a reason and I was glad I added the side of bacon as it added to the crunch on the dish. The eggs didn’t really go with the dish but it was my choice to add them so that is my own fault. I would unquestionably order it again.

Ms. D was also pleased with her breakfast. It looked equally as delightful as mine! Ms. D was a big fan of the grilled bananas as the caramelization was a sweet surprise. The most important part of the dish were those pancakes… yum! They were light and fluffy, luckily for me, Ms. D struggled a little to finish them so I was able to steal a piece from her plate. The toasted pecans added crunch and texture to dish, unfortunately there were none left on the plate for me but as it was Ms. D’s dish, I’m glad she enjoyed them. It was nice to see the maple syrup in a little pool on the plate instead of it being over the pancakes.

Overall, Ms. D said she really enjoyed this dish and she would definitely order it again.


We were so glad to finally make a visit to The Little Pantry  on such a beautiful day and I am sure we will choose it for another catch up soon.

My Rating: 4.4

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