Park & Vine-The Hidden Gem

copyrightlisacarolan.jpgIf Park & Vine has not popped up on your social media yet, get down for a visit before there is a regular queue out the door.

Park & Vine is a little off the beaten track but it is well worth the trip. It is hidden behind a cluster of shops between the West Coast Highway and Floreat. There is ample parking out front and a great location also.

The morning we visited had the worst weather I have seen in Perth in quite a while. My sister arrived from Ireland about two weeks ago to worse weather than she was experiencing in Ireland. We were hoping the day would brighten up so we could go to Fremantle for the day and what better way to start the day than with a nice brunch.

When we arrived at Park & Vine and I was blown away by the décor, I was not expecting it to be so modern and beachy…what a hidden gem! It was 11.30am and we asked a staff member if they were still doing breakfast, it finished at 11.30am. She said she would ask the chef if he could squeeze us in and as the morning had been quiet, they were happy to take a breakfast order as long as it was in the kitchen in the next five minutes. Ms. G and I are very comfortable with the style of breakfast in Australia (it is very different to what you might find in Ireland) but Mini Me had no idea what to order. We suggested making up her own breakfast from the sides available but she bit the bullet and ordered the Kilner Jar Smoked Eggs ($14). I went for the Butifarra Negra & Crisp Pork Belly Bacon ($17) and added an extra egg. Ms. G wanted to order something different and decided on the Slow Cooked Corned Beef Croquettes ($16). The table service was great and we were so grateful to be squeezed into breakfast service.

Mini Me and I ordered large coffees, I with my usual and she with a large Latte, Ms. G went with a regular Latte. We sat and stared out the window at the hail stones that were pelting the cars outside as we awaited our coffees, thinking of the warmth they would exude. When they arrived, the first thing I noticed were the mugs. I loved them, and immediately wanted a set for myself. The brand of mugs were Wills & Co and as I looked behind the counter, I noticed large coffee bags with the same branding so I answered my own question. Finding the exact mugs will be a different story.


Mini Me’s food arrived first. Her Smoked Eggs were in a jar, yes, in a jar with the lid closed. Immediately I thought, theatre! She has yet to get used to not touching her food until I snap a quick pic but on this occasion, I wanted a video. I have never seen such a breakfast and was impressed. As she lifted the lid, the smoke puffed out and I wondered if the eggs would ooze…they did! There bread like rings that accompanied the smoked eggs were a little greasy for my palette by Mini Me enjoyed them. She said they were like soldiers for her eggs.


Ms. G was overwhelmed by the size of her dish. We all dipped our forks to taste the croquette and the beans. The croquettes were amazing! The filling was delicious and light and they were enclosed in a light and crispy shell…yum! The beans were a bit of a little down, they tasted like Heinz beans, and they did not compliment the croquettes at all. The portion size of the beans was enormous and the puff of pastry just wasn’t enough to mop them all up. A smaller portion of beans would have made this dish perfect in Ms. G’s eyes.


My breakfast looked like it took time to plate.  Everything had a spot on the plate with the eggs taking centre stage. The eggs were perfectly poached, much to my delight. I wasn’t sure if I would like the beetroot puree but I loved the smoothness and it complimented the rich pudding on the plate. Did you notice those little pancake disks? I sure did, they were the main carbohydrate on the plate. When all of the elements of the were eaten together, it was scrumptious. I wouldn’t change a thing about my dish and felt I ordered the dish of the day.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

We had a beautiful experience at Park & Vine and I would definitely recommend a visit. They also serve lunch a dinner so maybe another visit will be required. I predict Park & Vine to continue to get busier and as soon as the weather starts to get a little warmer, those comfy outdoor chairs will be packed with people catching up over a great coffee or a delicious meal. I will also add that there were outdoor heaters in the area I have just mentioned and it is completely undercover with blankets on the seats. On the stormy morning we visited, there was no way you would consider sitting outside but keep it in mind for a crisp winter morning after a walk on the beach.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

My Rating: 3.9
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Have you found a hidden gem in Perth?


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