TRAVEL: Top Packing Tips For Bali

Copyright Lisa CarolanBali is quite the holiday destination for so many people living here in Australia.
The weather is great and from Perth, the flight time is shorter than flying to the east coast…that still baffles me!


We recently went to Bali for a long weekend to relax and explore the beautiful island. The first thing to do was to book accommodation. There were so many options in regards to hotels and quite a few areas to choose from. I didn’t want to be in the hustle and bustle of Kuta, let’s face it, it doesn’t have the best reputation but I still want to check it out.
I wanted to visit Ubud but stay closer to the beach so Legian seemed like a good choice as it ticked a lot of boxes.
Our hotel of choice was the Sun Island Hotel (4*) which cost $423 for 4nights. The hotel boasted an outdoor pool and spa and the pictures showed a beautiful bar which I was hoping would have a great view!

Copyright Sun Island Hotel Legian


I had done quite a lot of research on what there is to do as I cannot go on a holiday to relax, I get bored too easily! I also got in touch with Seminyal Travel and Adventure, based in New South Wales and they were so unhelpful. I had to spend emails twice to get a response on most occasions and the one tour I really wanted to do, they never bothered to get back to me. There are many great tour options but I went with advice from a friend, book tours when we get there so we can barter the price.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

I think I had chosen an option that may be a little crazy…I only took carry on luggage, yes, 7kg. It is possible!

Tip #1 Literally place your outfits together on the floor/bed so you only bring exactly what you need- There were so many thing I wanted to take, just in case but if you don’t need it, leave it at home.

Tip #2 Pack all toiletries into small travel bottles- I thought about exactly what I needed for all entire trip and took minimal amounts of everything.

Tip #3 Roll your clothes- I received this great tip to reduce creasing in your clothes and if everything is rolled tightly, you will find you have more space, try it for yourself!

Tip #4 Fill up the inside of your shoes/handbags in your luggage- Don’t let that space go to waste. Put make-up and brushes in your shoes or handbags.

Tip #5 Don’t forget an adaptor- There is no point packing a phone charger or hair straighteners if you cannot plug them in.

Tip #6  Wear your jewellery- I get a little nervous with my jewellery. If I am wearing it, I know exactly where it is and it won’t get tangled/damaged in my luggage.

Tip #7 Wear something comfortable to the airport- It is winter in Perth but hot and humid in Bali so I went for track pants, a light t-shirt and a hoodie. I am always cold on the plane so I need the hoodie for warmth.

What did I pack?

  • Bikinis- Essential for every holiday
  • Trainers/Comfortable shoes- We hope to squeeze in a tour and I want to have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in
  • Sandals- I choose 1black and 1white pair of sandals as either one will go with any outfit
  • Suncream- I do not fancy getting burnt. I want to protect me skin at all times so I personally use a minimum of Factor30. Unusually (for an Irish girl) my skin tans and rarely burns but looking after it will always be a priority
  • Sunhat & glasses- More useful items to protect yourself from the sun. I’m prone to migraines when the sun is out so my sunnies are out all year round
  • A Book- I need something for the plane and the pool
  • Camera- I’m expecting to see some beautiful sights and I want to have a good camera to capture them all
  • Travel adaptor- keep everything charged and ready to go
  • Toiletries- minimize what you bring by only putting what you need in travel bottles
  • Straighteners- I have to! My hair is so think and curly, I would not leave without them.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

Do You Have Any Good Packing Tips To Share?



  1. It’s a great idea to lay out all your outfits before packing them to make sure they inter-match. When I went traveling in England, I definitely needed an adapter for my hair dryer!

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