LEEDERVILLE: Electric D’Avenue

Copyright Lisa CarolanD’Avenue is a recent addition to the busy Leederville strip. With seating indoors and outdoors, I envisage this café becoming more and more popular over the coming weeks.

When we arrived, there were quite a few tables free so we had a choice of tables. There were some very comfy armchairs in the centre of the café which would be perfect for a coffee date but we opted for a high table so we could enjoy our breakfast. Mr. T made an observation that the space could have been utilised a little more efficiently as the tables were along the edges and they were quite small. However, whoever owns the café has their vision for it and I hope to visit again so I can grab one of those comfy chairs.

We had a look over the menu and Mr. T went up to the counter to order. I went for the Shakshuka Eggs, considering it is winter in Perth, I thought this might be a nice little winter warmer. Mr. T went for a fresher option choosing the …. For drinks, I matched my winter warmer brekkie with a Long Black…I know, the shock! Mr. T was after an Orange Juice but there was no fresh juice available, just by the bottle.

Drinks arrived first, my Long Black was a fabulous caffeine hit and Mr. T’s juice was bottled so there is not much to comment about.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

Our breakfast arrived together, as you might know, I am a huge fan of this practice especially when there are only two diners. I think we would just start eating anyway! I loved the presentation of my dish in the little crock pot, lid and all on the dish. The lid added to the overall look of the dish but it had no function as it arrived off the pot. The dish was ok but I took a while to make up my mind about the tomato sauce covering the eggs, which were overcooked I might add. The tomato sauce was more like a salsa and not very saucy so it left the dish dry as the sauce usually adds the spice and moisture to this kind of dish, in my recent experiences elsewhere. The feta cheese was a nice addition as it was crumbled on the top but I would have loved to see it cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, that is a personal preference of course. There was a slice of sourdough with the dish, after a hunt for butter, I enjoyed that too. I think  one of the best Shakshuka Eggs I have tasted have been at Addison & Steele in North Perth.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

Mr. T enjoyed his breakfast. There was an inviting array of colours on the plate from the fresh avocado to the chopped tomato salsa. I felt like that I had a cooked version of Mr. T’s salsa on my eggs, they definitely went better on his dish. Mr. T had one perfectly poached egg and one that was a little overdone, he still ate them both. There was slice of the sourdough bread and some crumbled feta on his dish also. This one was quite a plain but enjoyable dish and Mr. T was happy with it so I guess that is all that matters.

Copyright Lisa Carolan

With Foam so close by, I think it is still my favourite place for a coffee and there place a little teddy biscuit on your cup too. My favourite place for breakfast is a toss up between the busy Sayers and Duende. I have recently revisited Duende who do not have those amazing Donuts on the menu anymore but hopefully we will see them over the summer again.

My Rating: 3.0

D'avenue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What is your favourite café in Leederville?


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