Lesmurdie Falls

There are so many fantastic and beautiful places to visit in Western Australia!
Very recently, I went to Lesmurdie Falls just outside Perth. Swimming under a waterfall has been on my bucket list for a long time and I still haven’t checked it!


The steep climb to the top of the falls felt like we were driving upwards for a very long time. Through the trees, we could see the CBD getting further and further away and more of the surrounding city coming into view.
The park was busy and many people were gathered at the top of the park in the picnic areas enjoying the warm weather.

We decided to do the 4km hike around the park, as we started the walk, it was down hill…such a great way to start!
We stepped out on the viewing platform at the top of the falls where so many people were taking photos.
The path was winding down towards the bottom of the falls and we came to the sign to bring us to the foot of the falls.
We walked along the river meeting so may people along the way. When we arrived, there were people dotted up the rocks and the first thing I wanted to do was to start climbing…and I did!


We crossed the river and that’s when the hike began! I never imagined it to be so hard and I realised, my level of fitness wasn’t as good as I thought it might be.
When we reached the top, I breathed a sigh of relief!

If this hike hasn’t been crossed off your list…do it now before the weather heats up… I couldn’t imagine doing the hike in the heat of summer!

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