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Perth, food blogger, source foods, breakfast, melbourne

It was the first sign of good weather so we decided to do a bit of a day trip to show Mini Me a few things outside the city. Every good day trip starts off with a good breakfast and we headed for Highgate.

I had a look down my ‘to visit’ list and picked Source Foods in Highgate. Luckily we got parked right outside and as the sun was shining, we sat outside too.

I went inside and grabbed a few menus. We were all drawn to the Southern Cornbread dish but decided, for blogging purposes, that we would all order something different. I really do have great understand friends!

I wanted the fritter but not everything that went with it so I was hoping I could be that awkward customer and add it and a side of bacon to the Pair of Free Range Eggs ($13.50)option. Mini Me went way out of her comfort zone and ordered Organic Moroccan Meat Balls ($21) we weren’t quite sure what Herb Labne was but rather than google it, we thought we would wait until it arrived. Ms. G ordered the Southern Cornbread ($22) dish as she often stays in her comfort zone too. I was excited to see all of these dishes arrive and loved how adventurous the girls were being.

I went in to the counter to order as I wanted to order the awkward breakfast and luckily for me, I could order it with my poached eggs on toast, delighted! I ordered for the girls as well as a Long Black for moi, a Mocha for Mini Me and Ms. G knocked her adventurous self out of the park and ordered the ‘Chilli Mocha’. Ms. G is queen of chilli, she’s the bestie who orders a chili dish with extra chilli to make sure it’s hot enough for her! Our bill came to nearly $80 for three breakfasts and three coffees and I thought it was rather pricey but I hoped it would be worth it. That is more than I have spent on a food shop for a week for two people.

It didn’t take long for the coffees to arrive and all eyes were on Ms. G as she took her first sip of her Chilli  Mocha. She said there was a ‘kick’ as it hit the back of her throat and that is exactly what it stated it would. We aren’t normally ones to taste each other’s coffees but we broke tradition on this occasion and tasted the Chilli Mocha. Mini Me’s reaction was priceless, as a person with the opposite kind of taste buds to Ms. G, it was clear that she did not like it! I tasted it and my first response was to the kick of chilli at the back of my throat as Ms. G described. To be honest, it would not be a choice of mine but Ms. G enjoyed it and I am glad we tasted it.

Perth, food blogger, source foods, breakfast, melbourne

Breakfast was rather quick to arrive and I was so disappointed in how mine looked. There was no effort put into it what so ever and it honestly looked unappetising when sat next to the other two. Nevertheless, looks can be deceiving so I would judge it on taste too.

My breakfast was pretty average. My poached eggs were cooked through so it meant there was no moisture on the dish, for the first time in a long time, I had to ask for tomato ketchup! My bacon was cremated so that wasn’t very enjoyable either but the toast was fresh. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to rave about when it comes to this breakfast except the fritter, it was delicious! This is the second overcooked breakfast in a row for me as our previous breakfast spot overcooked the eggs also. On the other hand, the girl’s breakfasts were amazing and I just had to have a few bites of theirs to make myself feel better.

Perth, food blogger, source foods, breakfast, melbourne

Ms. G’s was a total hit, I would not fault a single thing on the plate. Every single element complimented each other. The cornbread, although large in portion was light and airy. The pulled beef was so good that it could have been wolfed down on its own, it was tender and juicy and packed with flavour! Strangely, I loved the green element of this dish. The rocket pesto balanced the light smokiness of the hollandaise and everything just worked. A delicious dish for a hungry person!

Perth, food blogger, source foods, breakfast, melbourne

Mini me also enjoyed her breakfast even though meatballs is not a usual order for her. She really enjoyed the portion size as she was hungry and all of the unfamiliar elements. The herb labne and spiced hummus were delicious when a small amount was added to each bite as they were packed with flavour. The meatballs were amazing! Unusual for a breakfast but definitely worth ordering at any time of the day.

Lisa carolan, food blogger, perth, melbourne, source foods, breakfast

Needless to say, I definitely ordered the wrong dish at Source Foods. If you happen to visit this spot, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and order something a little different.

Also in the area you will find, Health Freak Café for a delicious and healthy breakfast or one of my all time favourites,  The Queens for a yummy lunch.

My Rating: 3.8
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