Melbourne… I Am Back!

Melbourne, perth, coffee, breakfastA little bit of a personal post from me this week. I’ve been a little absent over the past few weeks when it comes to social media and my blog. 

My blog started out as a creative outlet when I moved from Melbourne to Perth because I felt a little lost in the world. I knew one person in Perth and it took quite some time to make friends because it seemed like everyone already had their friends and there wasn’t much room for a new person. Then I met Ms. D and Ms. S and my faith in the world was restored!

Melbourne, perth, perth blogger, friends

It seems like longer than two and a half years since I moved to Perth and I have been to so many new places and met some great people along the way! I found a passion for food, well I found a creative outlet to share my love of food and people seemed to read it and like it. It’s addictive!

The next chapter of life has now begun and I’m back in Melbourne. If you have been a reader for some time, you will have read a few posts here and there and noticed that I kept coming back.

When living in Melbourne previously, I wasn’t in touch with the foodie scene so I have so many places to explore over the next few months. Due to work commitments, I will still be in Perth regularly so the Perth foodie posts won’t stop here.

Looking forward to my 2017 chapter and what Melbourne has to offer (again)!

Melbourne, dessert, lifestyle by lily, south yarra

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