TRAVEL: Koh Tao, Thailand

This was my favourite island of the group of three! Koh Tao is the perfect combination of white sand and cocktails.


We arrived in Koh Tao and experienced the first hiccup of our travels…our accommodation was double booked. Thankfully, we got moved to another hotel (that was probably a little nicer) and breakfast for the three days we were spending there.

First thing on the list was to check out the beaches. I have a few words to describe it is, WHITE, SPOTLESS and PICTURESQUE.


We parked ourselves on mats at Fizz Beach Lounge with juices to quench our thirst and some food, the menu was fantastic and lots to choose from. We relaxed for the day (gladly) and soaked up the sun. It was also a magnificent place to watch the sunset.

Later that day, we went back to our hotel to shower and change before going out to explore what Koh Tao had to offer.

Our first stop was Choppers bar. It felt like the whole of Koh Tao was packed into the bar. It had a backpacker sports bar feel to it but the atmosphere was electric!

We had such a fantastic night as we moved closer and closer to the beachfront. We found a gorgeous little bar with all wooden features and an amazing dj where the party went on until the early hours … I think I will leave the rest of the details there!

The next day we went for breakfast and decided to go exploring. We rented a boat to take us to the nearby island, Naun Yuan. The views were breathtaking as soon as we stepped onto the island. We decided to rent out some snorkel gear which cost 50 baht…bargain!

It is so hard to put into words how beautiful this little hideaway was. On one side of the island the water was cold while the other side of the island was warm, and one side was smooth white sand and the other side was a little rougher. This picture shows this perfectly…One beach, crystal clear water on each side!

We set up camp with out deck chairs and relaxed for the day and cooled off in the blue waters whenever we pleased.
We caught the boat back later that evening and decided to have dinner and watch the sunset in preparation for our adventure to our next destination tomorrow…


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