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Summer is here! I have welcomed the weekends that start off with sunshine and many breakfast catch ups.

Last Saturday Ms. DeG and I ventured down Chapel Street to The Lucky Penny to start off our day. 

We nabbed a table outside to catch the morning rays and were warmly greeted by a waitress with menus. We ordered our usual Long Black, mine with milk of course and had a look at the menu. The first thing that struck me were the variety of dishes on the menu, no matter how fussy you are, there’s something here for you. I narrowed my choice down to two, the Coffee Cured Tasmanian Salmon ($19) and the Bubble and Squeak ($19). My final decision was the Tasmanian Salmon. Ms DeG was choosing between the Lucky Vegan ($17.50) and the Bubble and Squeak ($19) and decided on the Bubble and Squeak. Just before we ordered, a table beside us had Sweet Potato Fries ($10.50) delivered to their table so we decided to add them to our order too.

Coffee arrived. By no means am I a barista or coffee expert but this was the worst coffee I had ever tasted! It was bitter and no amount of sugar could sweeten it up unfortunately. It got pushed to one side and I made do with the water on the table.

The cafe was busy so our food took a little while but we were happy to enjoy the sunshine and chat. When our food arrived, we were both quite surprised. It wasn’t quite how we had imaged our breakfast.

With mine, there was quite a lot of effort gone into the presentation of the breakfast and it looked great but it was quite a small portion. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the breakfast but there was nothing to tie it all together. The salmon was deliciously fresh but I forgot that it was coffee cured as I couldn’t pick up on the taste of it at all. The toast sweetened the taste but the a little dressing would have completed the dish. The eggs were beautifully poached and the yolk added much needed moisture to the dish. The potato cubes were so small that they were tasteless, bigger cubes with a little seasoning would be a perfect tweek to the overall dish. I didn’t dislike the dish but I didn’t love it and I probably wouldn’t order it again.

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Ms. DeG was also puzzled when her dish came out. She said that the flavours were a little confusing and misplaced. The fresh vegetables were curry flavoured but she thought they were a little strange. She finished the dish but also said that she wouldn’t order it again. Thankfully we ordered the Sweet Potato Fries to our order to fill us up, however for $10.50, it is an extremely small portion.

Strangely, our table was cleared by a waiter and he didn’t question why we had eaten all of our food and not touched the coffees. At this stage, I wouldn’t totally write off the coffee but I’m not sure I will be in a rush back.

I am a huge fan of Pillar of Salt which is a little further up Chapel St.

My Rating: 1.8

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