New Burgers At TGIFridays

melbourne, blogger, perth, lifestlebylily, food blogger, tgifridaysWhen you receive an invitation to test out potential new menu items at TGIFridays, you make yourself available! For me, TGIFridays will always have a few menu favourites but I’m always up for trying out something new. 

We arrived at the venue at 6.30pm, seated at a table and given a choice of a Lager, Pale Ale or Apple Cider by Providence Beer Co. Mini Me and I went for the Apple Cider, on a hot and humid day in Melbourne, it was our obvious choice. melbourne, blogger, perth, lifestlebylily, food blogger, tgifridays

A short time later, the food started to come out. First came wings…we weren’t expecting wings but I wasn’t going to say no, I LOVE wings! There were three types of wings, Garlic & Parmesan, Herb and Spicy Texas BBQ. We both loved all of the wings but having to pick a winner, Mini Me went with Garlic & Parmesan and I choose the Spicy Texas BBQ. We literally licked the bones of these wings. I find the more wings I have in front of me, the more I want and our prayers were answered because another platter arrived.

melbourne, blogger, perth, lifestlebylily, food blogger, tgifridays

Hands cleaned and another cider poured, the burgers arrived…with fries! Three glorious burgers for two people, how were we going to finish them?

We started off with the Chimichurri Burger ($16). This was my second favourite burger of the three. The chicken itself was succulent and juicy and I loved that it wasn’t crumbed. I usually don’t like guacamole either but I left it on there as there wasn’t too much and I thought, I need to just try it all together as there was aoili on the burger too. The country apple slaw added some crunch to the burger and after taking a closer look, I could see how fresh it was.

melbourne, blogger, perth, lifestlebylily, food blogger, tgifridays

The second burger was my favourite, even though it was crumbed! This was the Buffalo Chicken ($16), I think it was the kick of spice and the delicious sauce that I enjoyed. This burger was tasty as a whole. I didn’t remove anything from it…go me! I found the chicken delicious and the slaw was extremely refreshing and added texture to the burger. The creamy  blue cheese dressing was a perfect choice to balance the sweetness of the buffalo sauce but it did not overpower any of the other tastes.

melbourne, blogger, perth, lifestlebylily, food blogger, tgifridays

The third and final burger seemed to get a 50/50 response amongst the group with some loving it and some unsure. The K-Town ($16) is an Asian inspired burger and I wasn’t sure what to think of it. There was also some salad on the burger that I wasn’t fond of so I tried it as a whole but found it confusing. On the other hand, there were so many other who said it was their favourite so I guess it depends on your personal taste. This one might have the crowd divided.

melbourne, blogger, perth, lifestlebylily, food blogger, tgifridays

After seeing all of those yummy burgers, you will be delighted to know that one of these tasty options will soon be a permanent fixture on the menu. The winner depends on the votes received and I have chosen my personal favourite!

Which one will be your favourite; the Chimichurri, Buffalo Chicken or the K-Town? Vote here

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  1. Oh I wish there was one of these in Canberr, they look delicious!! I’ll have to come for a visit 😍



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