Coffee & Lychee Seed Scrub By Raw Kaya Organics

Raw kaya organics, Melbourne, organic, skincare, lifestyle by Lily

The summer months can take quite a toll on our skin. I find that I’m always moisturising, applying suncream or washing my face. 

I received Raw Kaya Organics Coffee and Lychee Seed Scrub to try out recently and I have enjoyed having it as part of my skin care routine. I have used the scrub twice a week for the last three weeks and I have also taken it on my East Coast trip.

I love:

  • The smell– Wow! This scrub smells amazing and it is rather tempting to lick it while on your face..try not to!
  • The size– The scrub is in a 60ml bottle which is great for storage and perfect for travelling. You only need a small amount of the scrub so 60ml will last longer than you think.
  • The look– This scrub sat perched on my bathroom shelf and a few visitors admitted having a sneaky smell. The packaging looks great and my friends thought it was an expensive brand that belonged in a boutique skincare shop.
  • Exfoliating– You only need to use a small amount on your skin before it foams up a little and gently removes dead skin cells. I had a little dry skin with some redness on my chin and after using it twice, it was gone. I’m sure this is not solely based on the use of the scrub but it certainly helped.
  • The ingredients– Certified organic! What more do I need to say.


My active ingredients of MSM, lavender, rosemary and white oak bark help to deeply cleanse, replenish and restore your skin, while my crushed lychee seeds and freshly ground Byron Bay coffee will tantalise your nose buds and buff away tired-looking skin.
MSM primarily works to help reduce oxidative stress by assisting with the production of antioxidants, helping to keep skin, hair and nails healthy. MSM also forms part of keratin and collagen, which are vital to radiant skin and anti-ageing.


If you would like to try it out for yourself or read more, visit the Raw Kaya website by clicking here.

Retail $23.00


  1. Coffee scrubs are great for the skin although I don’t drink coffee…I know that is kinda weird but true!! Great its organic too!



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