Breakfast At Holla In Richmond

Melbourne, food blogger, perth blogger, lifestyle by lily, lisa carolan
I am lucky to live in an area with some many breakfast spots within walking distance. I walk past Holla every morning on my way to the train station and it always seems busy, of course I’m curious.

We picked quite a hot day to go to Holla which wasn’t a great idea as the air con was seriously lacking but stayed anyway. The interior is interesting, a little like being in a greenhouse with the many plants and inlets of light.
We ordered coffee first and I went with my usual Long Black ($3.80) with milk, Mini Me opted for an Iced Chocolate ($6).

We took a look over the menu and both ended up on the same option, the Homemade Potato Rosti ($18.50) I picked it because I thought I would enjoy each element of the dish. I was happy with it as it was and Mini Me asked if she could have her eggs scrambled. The waitress checked with the chef and came back to tell us that this was okay, very accommodating!

Coffee arrived first. It was a delicious coffee blend however the lack of a handle on the mug made it extremely hard to pick up as it was hot. Mini Me was happy with her decision as she was suffering with the heat but I needed my coffee hit.

Melbourne, food blogger, perth blogger, lifestyle by lily, lisa carolan

Our breakfasts arrived together. As mentioned, they were exactly the same except Mini Me asked for scrambled eggs and I had the poached eggs.

The dish was visually stunning, even Mini Me took a picture of her breakfast. The rostis were delicious, they were crispy on the outside with a well balanced mix of potato and seasoning. They were topped by a generous serving of smoked salmon and two perfectly poached eggs. There was enough of the beetroot creme fraiche to dip a piece of smoked salmon for each bite.
A delightful and scrumptious dish overall and I would certainly order it again.

Melbourne, food blogger, perth blogger, lifestyle by lily, lisa carolan

Mini Me’s dish..

As Holla is so close by, be prepared to see more images pop up on my Instagram of more appetizing dishes. Holla have a lunch menu which I am keen to order from also.

You might be interested to read about Jethro Canteen in the area.

My Rating 4.0
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