Melbourne’s Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

When I received the invitation to the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker from Universal, I was flicking through my emails on my break at work…I let out a little whoop and RSVPd immediately.

Some say the books and the first movie were not great but it was the second book that I couldn’t put down! Yes, I thought the first book was a little…strange but the second book had a little more of a story to it and more action. I think I spent 4 days reading the second book, this is incredibly fast for me. Christian Grey starts to relax more in the second book and Anastasia’s innocence is a little less annoying… ‘no rules, no punishments and no more secrets’.

Big question…what does one wear to a premiere when the dress code is ‘After Dark’?

I had no idea what to wear and I also thought, what if everyone wears something casual and we look ridiculous. Nevertheless, I decided to go with a simple all black ensemble and my hot date brought the colour!

Fifty shades darker, premiere, lisa carolan, melbourne, melbourne blogger

We spied a few of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Melbourne and the MC was Georgia Love from The Bachelorette with her man (one of very few) in toe but unfortunately, none of the stars from the movie (not that we expected it, but one can hope).

Universal gifted everyone with a great goodie bag and we all received champagne after walking the red carpet.  

Fifty shades darker, premiere, lisa carolan, melbourne, melbourne blogger

Without giving away too much about the movie, we really enjoyed it but there were a few parts where I thought, ‘move along, this is boring’! It’s by no means the best movie I have ever seen but if you have read the book, you already know how it goes and like us, you will probably go to see the movie anyway. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, scroll down for the trailer šŸ™‚

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